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Международная организация «Глобальный Революционный Альянс» (Global Revolutionary Alliance) приглашает вас принять участие в конференции «Россия и Европа: диалог сопротивления», которая состоится 23 мая в МГУ им. Ломоносова. В мероприятии примут участие российские и европейские политологи.

Наше противостояние глобалистской волне и однополярному проекту может быть эффективным только при условии консолидации всех стратегических союзников в единый политико-социальный мировоззренческий фронт. Глобальный Революционный Альянс – международная сетевая структура, открыто бросающая вызов нашим идеологическим оппонентам в лице сторонников либерал-глобализма и американской гегемонии.

Специальные гости конференции: 

Представитель политической организации MILLENIUM (Италия)
Орацио Мария Ньерре (Orazio Maria Gnerre), публицист, политолог, главный редактор журнала NOMOS.

Феликс Алеман ( Felix Aleman), представитель Анти-империалистического Движения (AIP-Berlin )

Александр Дугин, лидер Международного Евразийского Движения.

Тим Керби (Tim Kirby), ведущий радио «Маяк», обозреватель телеканала «Russia Today».

The Tsarnaevs are a product of America

Mark Sleboda: While the guilt of the Tsarnaev brothers in being responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings may seem self-evident to most people from the narrative of events that the government and mainstream media have put forth, the US like most countries, operates on the legal principle of guilty until proven innocent. Until proven guilty of these crimes in a court of law (hopefully a civilian court of law and not a military show trial) with the presentation of sufficient evidence, they are presumed innocent. Personally, I think there are many holes and inconsistencies in the narrative of events put forth by the authorities and the mainstream media that must be addressed and answered.

As of writing, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, a naturalized American citizen, has not yet been read his Miranda rights or been charged with any crime under a legally dubious ‘public safety’ exemption that has been expanded and abused by the Obama administration under the rationale of interrogating suspects for ‘critical intelligence’. Some neoconservative politicians are calling for Dzhokar Tsarnaev to de declared an ‘enemy combatant’ so that he receives no legal due process, and others have even openly called for him to be tortured. This is all extremely disturbing for anyone concerned with the rule of law in the United States.

Stop rape, kill and torture Russian children in USA


What is your attitude to the act of adopting of Russian children by foreign citizens, and do not you think that this is a violation of Russian sovereignty (especially in those countries where is legalized gay marriage)?

Interview with Mr Leonid SAVIN of the International Eurasian Movement

The main idea and goal of the International Eurasian Movement is to establish a multipolar world order, where there will be no dictatorship of the U.S. anymore or of any other country or actor of world politics. In the sector of ideology we strongly reject (neo)liberalism and the globalization process as its derivative. We agree that we (as well as other nations) need a constructive platform for our alternative future. In the search of it, our work is directed to dialogue with other cultures and peoples who understand the meaning and necessity of conservative values in contemporary societies. Speaking about Russian reality, we are heirs and assigns to the former eurasianists (this ideology was born in the 1920s): Piotr Savitsky, Nikolay Trubetskoy, Nikolay Alekseev as well as Lev Gumilev – the famous Soviet scholar. They all studied historical processes and proposed a unique vision of our history, separate from the eurocentric science approach. 

Natella Speranskaya. The Fourth Political Theory and “Other Europe”

In his book Carl Schmitt, Leo Strauss and The Concept of the Political Heinrich Meier states that the world that is trying to refrain from identifying the difference between a friend and an enemy Schmitt clearly shows the world the inevitability of "either or" in order to intensify the “awareness of an emergency situation” and re-awaken the ability that is manifested when “the enemy reveals itself with particular clarity. Indeed, today we can unmistakably identify our enemy. 

¿El Islamismo contra el Islam? (Claudio Mutti)

"El problema subyacente para Occidente no es el fundamentalismo islámico. Es el Islam".  Esta frase, que Samuel Huntington coloca al cerrar el largo capítulo de su Choque de civilizaciones titulado "El Islam y Occidente"[i], merece ser leído con más atención de lo que se ha hecho hasta ahora.
Según el ideólogo norteamericano, el Islam es un enemigo estratégico de Occidente, porque es su antagonista en un conflicto de fondo, que no surge tanto de disputas territoriales sino de una confrontación fundamental y existencial entre la defensa y rechazo de los "derechos humanos", la "democracia" y los "valores laicos".  Huntington escribe: "Mientras el Islam siga siendo Islam (como así será) y Occidente siga siendo Occidente (cosa que es más dudosa), este conflicto fundamental entre dos grandes civilizaciones y formas de vida continuarán definiendo sus relaciones en el futuro." [ii]


The Fourth Political Theory. An interview with Christopher Hayes


I would have to say I rediscovered the Forth Political Theroy over the past few years with my return to Political Activism. For those who do not know me before the inception of New Resistance, in the 1990’s I was a highly active member of the American Front. Our brand of Third Position was unlike any Third Position at the time or any currently being espoused today. We truly were looking for an alternative beyond facisim, communism, and liberalism. We had early influences from Christian Bouchet and Alexander Dugin so it was natural that we looked to Europe and Russia for inspiration. The promotion of such ideologies breaking away from reationary norms along with symbolism and tactics from the classical Left  sped up the progress of us fighting a war on “two fronts” here at home, being called “commies” from the racial right and “nazi” from the liberalized left. So with that being said what I have seen happen since my departure in 2001 is beyond encouraging. What I have found in Professor Dugin’s work on the Forth Political Theroy, being optimistic, can see it taking foothold as an ideology to be taken seriously. As far as the U.S. is concerned nothing short of complete disaster would shake the foundation of liberal democracy.  

The Fourth Political Theory. An interview with Manuel Ochsenreiter

Since a certain time I try to follow the developments in Russia, especially Prof. Alexandr Dugin. So it is not a coincidence to get in touch with the Fourth Political Theory. You are asking about the chances. Let me say it like this: The west is actually trapped in its own liberalism. It seems right now that there is no way out because the liberal mainstream political opinion doesn´t accept any alternative ideas. It is like digesting yourself with the same acid over and over again. In my opinion, the Fourth Political Theory could be a medical cure for that sick intellectual situation. It can be a way out of the liberal hamster wheel. And more and more people are looking for such an exit.