September 15 the U.S. state department called its citizens that are now in Syria to immediately leave the country.  Moreover, the department of state reminded that according to sanctions, imposed by the White House on Syria, citizens of the U.S. are restricted to make any financial operations with representatives of Syrian government. At the same time, Syrian rebels created a “National Council”. On the background of a large-scale crisis in the Middle East it looks like a preparation of the West for a new aggression.
But the problem is that the Syrian question is more complicated, due to its connection with Iran, Lebanon and Israel. In relation to Lebanon Damascus still can coordinate the actions of Hezbollah, but if the regime of Assad will fall, no one can predict the possible scenario.
The treaty of mutual defense with Iran is also still a limiting factor for supporters of immediate aggression. Israel is very uninterested in the destabilization of the situation on its borders, because they know from their experience, that the weapons, pouring to Syria, will be used against its citizens, what has already happened after events in Libya.
Meanwhile, according to some sources, the money and weapons for overthrow of the regime come from neighboring countries: Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Witnesses say that by their own eyes they saw the volumes of Quran with 100$ bills embedded in it, and coffins for the dead, filled with ammunition.