Alexandеr Dugin: Eurasianism and the political evolution to the Fourth Political Theory

Alexandеr Dugin's speech at Identitär Idé 4 (Identitarian Ideas 4): "The Eurasian Project and The Fourth Political Theory -- Toward a Multi-polar World"

A Strategy to Challenge Globalism

Speech of Natella Speranskaya (Global Revolutionary Alliance) at the meeting of Anti-Globalist Movement. MSAU. September 11.

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Natella Speranskaya Gaddafi as tragic Third Position hero


The Major role in whole story was played, of course, by the United States. Today, no one in the world has any doubt that we have to deal with the Empire, with the imperialism and the colonialism in the worst sense of the words.

The Americans themselves after 2000 have began to apply the term Empire to US. They are non shy any more.

Do we have to deal with American Empire.

The neocons are particularly frank and rather cynical. They don’t hesitate to proclaim openly the Project of New American Century.

The humanitarian demagogy is over. We are living in the conditions of the new  hegemony.

They persuade us to accept it as a matter of fact. For decency's sake they prefer to  call it "benevolent  hegemony” . Yeah wow really “benevolent” ...

Every day, thousands of innocent people, mostly  civilians, children, women, old people are dying merciless killed by this benevolent hegemony. And it become every day more and more hard.

Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya,  today. Propably Syria will be tomorrow, next in line is Iran, then everywhere. Benevolent hegemony...

The global oligarchy has put its masks aside.


putin is back

We begin our Global Revolutionary Alliance news program straight with the main news. Putin came back. 
The two-year intrigue is resolved. Tandem happened to be strong as never before. Putin will now be the Russian President, and Medvedev will head the political party "United Russia" and will become our next prime minister. 
That's all. The play is over. Thanks to all. Everyone is free.
How will it affect the prospects of the global revolution?
How do you think?
Russia is a stronghold of multipolar world. and Putin is that one, who made a famous Munich speech. In it he radically criticized the global American hegemony and double standards. 
I think, that is good news for the Alliance. 
Though, only God knows.
It will be on your conscience. Okay, now to other news.

Brutal ethnic cleansing in Lybie

Mass execution and shooting - this is the current face of democracy.
Libyan insurgents launched a series of brutal ethnic cleansing, killing all the blacks in the country. A total genocide of blacks is to the fore.
The victims of brutal punitive operations are not only soldiers of Gaddafi's army, but the innocent guest workers too. Whenever the United States have started an international campaign to spread the democracy, their actions resulted in violent conflicts and ethnic cleansing. All those who support the opposition operations in Libya today, are collaborators and participants in racist crimes. According to witnesses, rebels shoot the people right in the hospital bed. Back in July RIA Sibir provided links to video clips, depicting the atrocities of the rebels.

Buseyn Shaaban, Advisor to the president of Sirya Bashar al-Assad

Just today, September 10, Buseyn Shaaban, Advisor to the president of Sirya Bashar al-Assad on political and information affairs visited Moscow. According to arab media, Shaaban will hold talks with "National state Duma" (russian parliament), Federation Council and the Ministry of Foreign Relation of Russia. As known, a wave of anti-government protests in Sirya, that started in mid-March, led to a large number of victims. Opposition demands the resignation of the president and political reforms in the country. This positionwas shared by the United Stated, European Union, United Kingdom, Germany, France and other states, under control of the world oligarchy. Abudiab Suleiman, charge d'Affaires of Syria in Russian Federation, stressed that Syria faces a severe crisis today. Many accuse Syria of using the army to suppress riots. But it was a necessary action, Suleiman noted.

Yaroslavl Global Policy Forum

September 7th to 8th Global Policy Forum took place in Yaroslavl, Russia. This is the third event of this kind, firmly patronized by the president of Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev. This time the main theme of the forum was “The modern state in the age of social diversity”.
Problems of cultural differences, multicultural policy statecraft in conditions of social diversity should constitute the axis of discussion, which was attended by hundreds of experts, media representatives and politicians from 25 countries worldwide.
For president Medvedev, the forum became a regular political self-presentation: all the words, so mellifluous to his foreign sympathizers were repeated again. “Complex society with many influence centers and groups requires further decentralization of the state. “Development vector of Russian Federation lies in transfer of government functions to public organizations”, president said particularly.
In his opinion, for cultural diversity in Russia to be maintained next means are well-enough: “financial and informational support to nongovernmental organizations” and “assisting citizens in their access to new independent sources of information, including development of digital television and broadband internet”.