Turkish revolution

Turkish revolution. An interview with Claudio Mutti

Claudio Mutti:  The slogans about "human rights" and "democracy", the Femen's performances, the solidarity expressed by Madonna and other hollywoodian stars, the antifa rhetoric peppered with "Bella ciao" as its soundtrack are the symptoms of an "orange revolution" or a "Turkish spring", rather than of a national revolution. At present it is impossible to know if the troubles have broken out in a spontaneous way, or if really foreign agents have provoked the troubles, as pretended by Erdogan. But we must consider that US Ambassador Francis Ricciardone has repeated twice in two days his message in favour of protesters and that John Kerry has made a declaration about the right of protesting. Certainly, among the protesters there are also militants and activists of national, anti-Atlantist and also pro-Eurasian movements (as, for example, the Workers' Party, İşçi Partisi); but I don't think that they are in the position to direct a so heterogeneous mass towards the goal of a national revolution.

Turkish revolution. An interview with Andrea Virga

Andrea Virga:  As it often happens, riots in Turkey have grown from a small environmental protest in Istanbul to a national revolt featuring hundreds of thousands of people. Violent reactions on the part of the authorities have only given birth a spontaneous coalition of anti-governative forces, marching in the streets. Motivations behind the revolt lie mainly in the growing dissatisfaction with Erdogan’s islamization of Turkish society, as well as its foreign policy of supporting Islamist rebels in Syria. Opposition parties, from the Kemalist CHP, to the Nationalist and Communist formations, have joined the protests, without apparent infighting. Banks and foreign corporations stores have been vandalized, suggesting the presence of anti-capitalist and anti-globalist forces. On the opposite, civilian and military police forces have been openly helped by AKP militants and voters, with the effect of reinforcing rioters in their anti-governative stance. However, even in the government party, doubts have been raised about the harsh conduct of the security forces and Erdogan’s response to the crisis.