Leonid Savin

Leonid Savin. Myth, Utopia and reality of Plutiversum

In order to draw the future contours of the world’s geographic space within the perspectives of the revolutionary struggle and political ideology we must start with a clear methodological structure.


My thesis is a fairly simple one and is based on a proposition by Georges Sorel about the dichotomy between social and political formations. He divided this into two types: (1) those which had a myth as the basis for their ideology, and (2) those which appealed to utopian ideas. The first category he attributed to revolutionary socialism, where the true revolutionary myths are not descriptions of phenomena, but the expression of human will. The second category is utopian projects, which he attributed to bourgeois society and capitalism.

Леонид Савин. Миф, утопия и реальность плюриверсума

Для того чтобы начертить контуры будущего мирового пространства в перспективе революционной борьбы и политической идеологии, необходимо отталкиваться от ясной методологической установки.


Мой тезис является простым и основан на положении Жоржа Сораля о дихотомии общественно-политических формаций. Он разделял их на два типа: одни имели миф как базу для своей идеологии, а другие апеллировали к утопии. Первые он относил к революционному социализму, где подлинными революционными мифами были не описания явлений, но выражения воли. Вторые являлись утопическими проектами, к которым он относил буржуазное общество и капитализм.

Interview with Mr Leonid SAVIN of the International Eurasian Movement

The main idea and goal of the International Eurasian Movement is to establish a multipolar world order, where there will be no dictatorship of the U.S. anymore or of any other country or actor of world politics. In the sector of ideology we strongly reject (neo)liberalism and the globalization process as its derivative. We agree that we (as well as other nations) need a constructive platform for our alternative future. In the search of it, our work is directed to dialogue with other cultures and peoples who understand the meaning and necessity of conservative values in contemporary societies. Speaking about Russian reality, we are heirs and assigns to the former eurasianists (this ideology was born in the 1920s): Piotr Savitsky, Nikolay Trubetskoy, Nikolay Alekseev as well as Lev Gumilev – the famous Soviet scholar. They all studied historical processes and proposed a unique vision of our history, separate from the eurocentric science approach.