The Last War, Gogs and Magogs of the World Government, the Russian Conquest of the Constantinople

The regime in Iran demonstrates greater integrity – religious integrity than most of the other regimes in the world of Islam. For example, Prophet Muhammad saw - Allah’s Blessings be upon him prophesized – this is his prophesy - that Muslims are going to form an alliance with Rum. It’s spelt it is pronounced R.O.O.M. – room - but the Arabic word Rum it describes Eastern Christian - Christianity when they broke away from Constantinople and they formed the Church in Rome – the Roman Catholic Church. Then you had two Christianities – one of the East - the Byzantine and one of the West which is now Rome. So the one in the East was called Rum - and in the Qur’an Allahswt refers to it as Rum. And when Muslims conquered Constantinople in a conquest which was largely shameful, uhh? and embarrassing for Islam - when they conquered Constantinople then Rum was transferred to Moscow. And so today Rum is Moscow and the allies of Moscow. So the Prophet saw prophesized that we Muslims would make an alliance with Rum. Today who is making an alliance that alliance with Rum? Who is showing religious integrity? It’s not Saudi Arabia which is allied with the Anglo- American Zionist Alliance. Rather it is Iran. And now Pakistan finally - since the sword is at its throat now – because India is lusting to attack from the East and NATO is preparing to attack from Afghanistan to destroy Pakistan’s nuclear plants and nuclear weapons and to break up Pakistan into bits and pieces – that’s their plan. Now that the Pakistani regime has realized that the moment of truth has arrived after all these years of foolishness – now they’re trying to build closer ties with Russia. Personally I think it’s too late now for them to do that.