The Fourth Political Theory

Israel Shamir .The Wise Counsellor

By Israel Shamir


[A Review of The Fourth Political Theory, by Alexander Dugin. Arktos, London 2012]


Ideas do not flow easily westwards. It is a norm that Western ideas are being spread in the East, not vice versa. Russia, the heir to Byzantium, is an “East”, among other great “Easts” of Dar ul-Islam, China, India; of them, Russia is the nearest to the West, and still very different. This is probably the main reason why Dugin, this important contemporary Russian thinker makes his belated entrance into Western awareness only now.


Siryako Akda. The New Right & What It Can Offer the Rest of the World

The term Nationalism—as it is known outside of the West—is mostly synonymous with the anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist sentiments of the 19th and 20th century, that is to say Nationalism from the perspective of an Asian, African, Middle Easterner, or Latin American is not merely an affirmation of ethnic and cultural identity, but also the rejection of White colonial or imperial authority, and to a certain degree, white culture.

4ПТ: геометрия эсхатологической Революции (интервью с Александром Дугиным)

- Как Вы открыли для себя Четвёртую Политическую Теорию? И как вы оцениваете её шансы на то, чтобы стать главной идеологией XXI века?


The Fourth Political Theory. An interview with John Morgan

Natella Speranskaya:  How did you discover the Fourth Political Theory? And how would you evaluate its chances of becoming a major ideology of the 21st century?


Natella Speranskaya. The Fourth Political Theory and “Other Europe”

In his book Carl Schmitt, Leo Strauss and The Concept of the Political Heinrich Meier states that the world that is trying to refrain from identifying the difference between a friend and an enemy Schmitt clearly shows the world the inevitability of "either or" in order to intensify the “awareness of an emergency situation” and re-awaken the ability that is manifested when “the enemy reveals itself with particular clarity. Indeed, today we can unmistakably identify our enemy. 

The Fourth Political Theory. An interview with Christopher Hayes


I would have to say I rediscovered the Forth Political Theroy over the past few years with my return to Political Activism. For those who do not know me before the inception of New Resistance, in the 1990’s I was a highly active member of the American Front. Our brand of Third Position was unlike any Third Position at the time or any currently being espoused today. We truly were looking for an alternative beyond facisim, communism, and liberalism. We had early influences from Christian Bouchet and Alexander Dugin so it was natural that we looked to Europe and Russia for inspiration. The promotion of such ideologies breaking away from reationary norms along with symbolism and tactics from the classical Left  sped up the progress of us fighting a war on “two fronts” here at home, being called “commies” from the racial right and “nazi” from the liberalized left. So with that being said what I have seen happen since my departure in 2001 is beyond encouraging. What I have found in Professor Dugin’s work on the Forth Political Theroy, being optimistic, can see it taking foothold as an ideology to be taken seriously. As far as the U.S. is concerned nothing short of complete disaster would shake the foundation of liberal democracy.  

The Fourth Political Theory. An interview with Manuel Ochsenreiter

Since a certain time I try to follow the developments in Russia, especially Prof. Alexandr Dugin. So it is not a coincidence to get in touch with the Fourth Political Theory. You are asking about the chances. Let me say it like this: The west is actually trapped in its own liberalism. It seems right now that there is no way out because the liberal mainstream political opinion doesn´t accept any alternative ideas. It is like digesting yourself with the same acid over and over again. In my opinion, the Fourth Political Theory could be a medical cure for that sick intellectual situation. It can be a way out of the liberal hamster wheel. And more and more people are looking for such an exit.

The Fourth Political Theory, Natella Speranskaya, Claudio Mutti

A new, multipolar Nomos der Erde liberating the world from the global prepotence of the US thalassocracy can be established only by a power or a front of powers possessing those requirements that have permitted the US to build their world hegemony: continental dimensions, demographic weight, atomic armament, technological development, cultural prestige, strong political system, will of power. In this case we can foresee the birth of a pluriversum consisting of six or seven "great spaces": China (and Japan), India, Iran, Russia, Europe, Latin-America and North America.