GRANews-Episode 2 Gaddafi's end

The tragic end of Muhammar Gaddafi

(special issue of GRAnews channel)

Global Revolutionary Alliance News with Natella Speranskaya (Russia) as a host "Global revolutionary approach to the Lybia occupation"  

Dissonance with Alexandre Latsa (France) "Sarkozy and his atlanticism" 

Arise! with Antonio Grego (Italy) "Berlusconi's  betrayal"

Stratagems with Leo Savin (Russia) "Arab spring as the result of the network centric war"

Dissent with Mark Sleboda (USA) "Right To Protect doctrine is criminal one"



GRANews-Episode 3. Syria - Armageddon

Episode 3. Syria - Armageddon

The Problem of Dajjal.

Natella Speranskaya: Syria - the last call and final mobilization.

Leo Savin (Stratagems): the oil factor in geopolitics of Syrian conflict.

Bernard-Henri Levy - not dead (yet).

The geopolitics and the eschatology. The symbolism of Damascus.

Tim Kirby (Offensive): the double standards of USA.

Putin's Russia stands firmly

Mark Sleboda (Dissent): the Syria in new IR world structure.


Global Revolutionary Alliance AGAINST North American hegemony

In order to create the multipolar world order we need strong consolidation of all antiglobalist forces into the united political front. This front should be necessarily international one. The Creation of Global Revolutionary Alliance in 2011 was caused by the necessity to react against "the unipolar moment» and the implicit planetary dictatorship of the liberalism and a globalism. It was conceived in order to propose alternative.
We look for cooperation with people and the organizations who  understand realistically the threat which proceeds from imperialistic policy of US and who are are ready to join us in opposition North American ideological, political, strategic and economic hegemony.

Выступление посла Венесуэлы о прошедших выборах

Конференция с Чрезвычайным и Полномочным Послом Боливарианской Республики Венесуэла Уго Хосе Гарсия Эрнандесом по результатам прошедших выборов в Венесуэле и победе Уго Чавеса.


Москва, посольство Венесуэлы, 08.10.2012

Конференция "Война Судного дня"

Конференция, организованная Антиглобалистским движением России совместно с Союзом ветеранов Сирии при поддержке Союза сирийских студентов и посольства Сирийской Арабской Республики в Москве.

Темы конференции:
«Война Судного дня» 6 октября 1973 года, чествование героев военнослужащих , проходивших интернациональную службу в Сирии. Конференция посвящена проблеме внешнего вмешательства в дела суверенных государств на Ближнем Востоке, а также оценке принципиальной позиции руководства Российской Федерации по данному вопросу.

Открытие Сирийского Информационного Центра в Москве

Открытие Сирийского Информационного Центра в Москве.

Alain De Benoist: the Decay of Modern Society

Peaceful modern societies which respect the individual evolved from age-old familistic ties. The transition from band-type societies, through clan and tribal organizations, into nation-states was peaceful only when accomplished without disruption of the basic ties which link the individual to the larger society by a sense of a common history, culture and kinship. The sense of “belonging” to a nation by virtue of such shared ties promotes cooperation, altruism and respect for other members. In modern times, traditional ties have been weakened by the rise of mass societies and rapid global communication, factors which bring with them rapid social change and new philosophies which deny the significance of the sense of nationhood, and emphasize individualism and individualistic goals. The cohesion of societies has consequently been threatened, and replaced by multicultural and multi-ethnic societies and the overwhelming sense of lost identity in the mass global society in which Western man, at least, has come to conceive himself as belonging.

Александр Дугин на Конференции фонда им. Аденауэра 21.09.12


Выступление Александра Дугина на Конференции фонда им.Аденауэра 
"Консерватизм в России и Германии"

Russia & Islam UNITE as Number 1 ALLIES!


The prophet Muhamad PBUH mentioned that the Muslims and Russians will create an alliance!

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An interview with Alexandre Latsa

GRA: Western media confidently say that the fall of the current Syrian regime is inevitable. In your opinion, how well founded this prediction is, and is there some political power that can bring order to this situation?
A.L.:Technically and militarily, it seems to me that the Syrian army has the ability to defend the constitutional order in Syria as it has close to 500,000 soldiers, and also because the army has been well-trained and equipped by the Soviet Union and then, by today’s Russia.


Alexandеr Dugin: Eurasianism and the political evolution to the Fourth Political Theory

Alexandеr Dugin's speech at Identitär Idé 4 (Identitarian Ideas 4): "The Eurasian Project and The Fourth Political Theory -- Toward a Multi-polar World"

A Strategy to Challenge Globalism

Speech of Natella Speranskaya (Global Revolutionary Alliance) at the meeting of Anti-Globalist Movement. MSAU. September 11.