GRANews-Episode 2 Gaddafi's end

The tragic end of Muhammar Gaddafi

(special issue of GRAnews channel)

Global Revolutionary Alliance News with Natella Speranskaya (Russia) as a host "Global revolutionary approach to the Lybia occupation"  

Dissonance with Alexandre Latsa (France) "Sarkozy and his atlanticism" 

Arise! with Antonio Grego (Italy) "Berlusconi's  betrayal"

Stratagems with Leo Savin (Russia) "Arab spring as the result of the network centric war"

Dissent with Mark Sleboda (USA) "Right To Protect doctrine is criminal one"



GRANews-Episode 3. Syria - Armageddon

Episode 3. Syria - Armageddon

The Problem of Dajjal.

Natella Speranskaya: Syria - the last call and final mobilization.

Leo Savin (Stratagems): the oil factor in geopolitics of Syrian conflict.

Bernard-Henri Levy - not dead (yet).

The geopolitics and the eschatology. The symbolism of Damascus.

Tim Kirby (Offensive): the double standards of USA.

Putin's Russia stands firmly

Mark Sleboda (Dissent): the Syria in new IR world structure.


Natella Speranskaya. The Fourth Political Theory and “Other Europe”

In his book Carl Schmitt, Leo Strauss and The Concept of the Political Heinrich Meier states that the world that is trying to refrain from identifying the difference between a friend and an enemy Schmitt clearly shows the world the inevitability of "either or" in order to intensify the “awareness of an emergency situation” and re-awaken the ability that is manifested when “the enemy reveals itself with particular clarity. Indeed, today we can unmistakably identify our enemy. 

On conference Against Post-Modern World (Video)

On conference Against Post-Modern World (Video)

AGAINST POST-MODERN WORLD (survey of the Conference)

The conference Against Post-Modern World took place in Moscow suburbs city Zvenigorod in the autumn of 2011.

The conference Against Post-Modern World was dedicated to the problematics of Tradition and Post-Modern. It has gathered the most outstanding and presentable traditionalist of Russia and Europe .

It was a true gathering of traditionalists from different countries from Russia and Europe most of the traditionalist movements and schools, publications and magazines.. They gathered to ask the most daring questions and to fearlessly offer their bold answers to them.

The catastrophe is acknowledged by everyone. But it has been described in different ways, and different solutions have been offered.



This essay will seek to show that here is no more profound and powerful counterpart and complement to Indian wisdom traditions than Slavic-Russian Mysticism and its relation to Nordic-Arctic climate and culture. There is now both archaeological and linguistic evidence to show that  the Vedas and Upanishads and Tantras (including those of Kashmir Shaivism) all had their roots in a highly advanced pre- or proto Indo-European and Arctic civilisation covering the entire area known as Eurasia and with centres not only in the Indus Valley but in many other ancient civilisations such as Sumeria and also Russia and the Arctic.  This pre-historic or ‘primordial’  civilization was founded by ruler priests and teachers from other planets and/or planes of consciousness called ‘Urs’ in the Nordic-Arctic region (‘Ur’ being cognate with the German prefix ‘Ur-’ which means ‘primordial’ – and recalling also both  the Urals in Russia and the name of the Sumerian city called Ur, Uru or Urim. 

Against Post-Modern World (Video-trailer)

Against Post-Modern World (Video-trailer by Arthur Dugin)

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Shaykh Abd Al Wahid Pallavicini / Part 3 (Video)

Shaykh Abd Al Wahid Pallavicini / Part 3 (Video)
Interview in the course of the Conference AGAINST POST-MODERN WORLD

Shaykh Abd Al Wahid Pallavicini / Part 2 (Video)

Shaykh Abd Al Wahid Pallavicini / Part 2 (Video)
Interview in the course of the Conference AGAINST POST-MODERN WORLD

Shaykh Abd Al Wahid Pallavicini / Part 1 (Video)


Shaykh Abd Al Wahid Pallavicini / Part 1 (Video)
Interview in the course of the Conference AGAINST POST-MODERN WORLD

Manuel Ochsenreiter. Situating Germany in European context (Video)

Manuel Ochsenreiter, chief editor of "Zuerst!" magazine (Berlin), on conservative politics in Germany.

Production : A. Dougine & K. Kornilova

¿El Islamismo contra el Islam? (Claudio Mutti)

"El problema subyacente para Occidente no es el fundamentalismo islámico. Es el Islam".  Esta frase, que Samuel Huntington coloca al cerrar el largo capítulo de su Choque de civilizaciones titulado "El Islam y Occidente"[i], merece ser leído con más atención de lo que se ha hecho hasta ahora.
Según el ideólogo norteamericano, el Islam es un enemigo estratégico de Occidente, porque es su antagonista en un conflicto de fondo, que no surge tanto de disputas territoriales sino de una confrontación fundamental y existencial entre la defensa y rechazo de los "derechos humanos", la "democracia" y los "valores laicos".  Huntington escribe: "Mientras el Islam siga siendo Islam (como así será) y Occidente siga siendo Occidente (cosa que es más dudosa), este conflicto fundamental entre dos grandes civilizaciones y formas de vida continuarán definiendo sus relaciones en el futuro." [ii]