October 15-16, leading intellectuals from Russia and Europe will meet in Moscow at the international conference "Against Post-Modern World" to discuss current issues of traditionalism.  
The event will be attended by: pofessor Claudio Mutti; general secretary of the french movement "New Resistance" Christian Boucher; president of the Religious Society of Muslims, sheikh of the Sufi order "Idrisiyya", founder of "Center of metaphysical studies", sheikh Abdulvahid Pallavicini and his son, vice-president of one of the leading islamic organizations in Italy, sheikh Yyahya Sergio Pallavicini; Konstantin Parvulesco, son of mysterious Jean Parvulesco; philosopher, Doctor of political sciences, head of the Consercative Research Centre in department of Sociology in Moscow State University, the leader of the international Eurasian movement, Alexander Dugin; philosopher and chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia Geidar Jemal; well-known Israeli journalist Yisrael Shamir; writer Yuri Mamleev; orientalist and translator of Henry Corbin, Alexander Kuznetsov; philosopher and essayist Natella Speranskaya; philosopher-traditionalist James Laurent and many others.


 Mikhailovskaya's wars

Now, you all.

I am declaring the war on you. 

There are many who deserve it. But just for now not all of them are in my power. Just for some time...

Now I declare the war on Cote d'Ivoire.

If You don't free Laurent Gbagbo in 24 hours you will repent.

Do you hear me?

Every one of you.