Putin's Russia stands firmly


From the very beginning, of the Syrian conflict, Moscow has taken an unequivocal position: it is Syria's sovereign and internal affair and no external intervention is tolerable or legal under international law.

Russia has not only discouraged the possibility of intervention but univocally has spoken against it at the UN Security Council .

China has held to the same position.

Two geopolitical camps have formed around the Syrian conflict: In the one camp are those against any intervention and the supporters of a multipolar world : Russia, China, and Iran

And in the other camp—  sectarian and extremist forces and opponents of the secular Syrian state, supported by the United States, Israel, and their allies in the Islamic world - Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Putin firmly warned Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan that he will not tolerate the intervention of Turkish troops in Syria. This would entail NATO intervention under Article 5 as Turkey is a NATO member.

Kirby: hypocrisy of NATO

The pretext for all of NATO's actions throughout the world is democracy, freedom or some other cute buzzword. Going around the world shoving your culture’s ideology down everyone else’s throat on a liberal crusade is bad enough but fighting this crusade in an openly hypocritical way is another thing entirely.

Syria has become the trendy “humanitarian crisis” of 2012. This is a story we’ve heard many times before; Iraq, Libya, Serbia. Some group of people somewhere is under the yolk of brutal tyranny so they need to be saved by being murdered by NATO bombs.

But let’s play a bit of a game. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that all the allegations of NATO are true and because Assad is a “bad guy” the West has the right to invade or fight him via proxy forces killing the population until they are free.

Then why is Syria so alone in the crosshairs when many of its neighbors are far from shining examples of democracy?

Luckily I recently had to do a bit of research on the lovely Island of Bahrain where they round people up for “Tweeting” about the King yes, arrests for what you say on stupid Twitter. The King, a MONARCH, has recently banned protests and demonstrations of any sort and arrested opposition leaders, if this happened in certain countries there would be media outrage but since Bahrain bribes CNN everything gets smoothed over. Since 2011 they also have a curfew as in you can’t go out of your house at night if they don’t want you to.

Bernard-Henri Levy: criminal philosopher

The Arab Spring began in Tunisia and then spread to Egypt.

Prior to this, they were ruled by dictators quite subservient to the West, but this was still not enough for the Hegemony,

They still clung to tattered fragments of national sovereignty and stability.

The West has chosen to open Pandora's box.

It has made a bid for its old ally - Wahhabi fundamentalism.

These forces have always helped the U.S. to achieve their core interests in the Islamic world – undermining and routing all the tendencies that might be hostile to the U.S.

This was the case in Afghanistan in the 1980’s, when the American geopolitician and ideologue Zbigniew Brzezinski personally tutored Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Pro-American regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the nest of Wahhabist terrorism are now playing the role of regional sub-imperialist proxies. The Wahhabis did the dirty work for the US in Tunisia and Egypt. And the most loathsome service was done in Libya with Qaddafi horrifically murdered.

Wahhabi mercenaries under the protection of the direct intervention of NATO have overthrown the Libyan government and the heroic anti-imperialist colonel was taken from us all.

But it is true, immanent justice exists.

One moment we are seeing Qaddafi tortured and killed.

The final chord of the Apocalypse sounds

"At the end of time a man from my progeny will be born, his name will be my name and his middle name will be my as my middle name. He will fill the earth with justice and harmony, and his name will be the Mahdi

Muhammad Qa'im will be one of us. He will install terror and fear in the hearts of his enemies. With the help of Allah, He will establish justice and order.

Under his leadership, the earth will unveil itself, so that all hidden treasures will be brought into the light. His empire will unite East and West. Allah will place the true religion into the hands of the Mahdi — conquering. One and all.

So tell us the sacred texts of Muslims.

Today we are approaching the arrival of the Mahdi. It is said about him that his coming will take place in the time when Dajjal will reveal himself. Who is Dajjal? He is identified by the highest Muslim authorities with the West in general, with globalization, liberalism, and American hegemony. Its manifestation can be seen as well in the racist State of Israel and NATO forces.

Islamic hadiths affirm that the Mahdi will fight against the Dajjal. He will fight against the West. In this battle he will fight alongside Christ and the Christian peoples of Ar-Rum, These real Christians are the Orthodox Christian faith. Moscow is the Third Rome. This Third Rome is to be the ally of Muslims in the End time. The liberal globalist American Dajjal is the foe.

Syria: last call

Today we are going to discuss the dramatic situation in Syria and the desperate struggle of the government of Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian people. We are going to discuss the symbolic meaning of this decisive battle and its geopolitical implications.

The conflict between pro-Western forces against the legitimate leadership of Syria is a direct continuation of the so-called Arab Spring, a series of bloody coups, uprisings, and civil wars that the West unleashed during the spring of 2010.

Part of its strategy in this is the creation of a condition of “controlled chaos”.

As a result of the Arab Spring all the political regimes that have up until now somehow resisted U.S. imperialism in the region have been overthrown and their independent leaders have been expelled or killed. Bloody chaos, terror, and fanaticism have swept the Middle East under the constructed guise of ‘democratic revolution’.

Here, geopolitics, religion, and ... eschatology are closely linked. The attack on Syria is a strategic move in preparation for the invasion of Iran. But, at the same time it is the onset of the last act of an eschatological drama.


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