Youth Union of Turkey

Dear Comrades,


Greetings from the anti-facist resistance in Turkey!


As you can observe from international news, there are growing waves of protests all over Turkey against AKP government which has been acting as a dictator for ten years. The resistance against fascist forces of AKP dictatorship began with the protests of the small group against destruction of the Gezi Park, only green area in Taksim. After police forces’ massive and brutal attacks to protesters, protests became widespread both in Istanbul and the rest of Turkey. These protests represent the awakening of Turkish nation to defend the right of assembly and democratic protests, freedom of express and the idea of democratic society. Last four days police forces are attacking to people with tear gas, Agent Orange and water cannon. On the other hand fascist groups who are carrying iron clubs are attacking to people brutally wherever they see a protester.


We, as anti-imperialist and anti-fascist forces, are not going to stop our resistance without overthrowing the government. AKP dictatorship and its fascist forces will learn that: ‘El pueblo unido jamás será vencido! ’


We want you to support our resistance! Show your decisive reaction against servants of US imperialism. One of the best supports from you is to stop diplomatic relations with AKP government.


Long live anti-imperialist and anti-fascist struggle!


Long live international revolutionary solidarity!


Youth Union of Turkey

(Türkiye Gençlik Birliği)"