The Turkish Youth Union. A message to world community

A message to world community

The peaceful demonstrations, which have been initiated on May 28,2013 with the purpose of opposing a project which foresaw the construction of a shopping mall and an army barracks in one of the most prominent parks in the city of İstanbul, Gezi Parkı, was violently suppressed by the police of the Erdoğan regime. This brutal act of the police infuriated every Turkish citizen.


In response, our People have chosen to exercise their basic constitutional rights and peacefully expressed their disapproval of this police brutality against their fellow citizens by organizing new demonstrations. However, they have faced escalated police violence and a government which insists on using repressive methods. Top government authorities and security officials, who are responsible for maintaining peace and security, have resorted to senseless and inhumane acts of hatred and violence  such as shooting at protesters, using Agent Orange to disperse peaceful demonstrators and threatening society with a civil war. As a result of these acts, three Turkish citizens have been murdered in İstanbul, Ankara and Hatay, one of whom was Comrade Abdullah Can Cömert, a member of the Turkish Youth Union.


It mustn't be forgotten that the capitalist exploitation of the park wasn't the only reason behind these demonstrations as the People have had enough of a cruel regime which has been backed by Western powers. Our People have lost their freedom of speech, social rights and individual inviolability little by little since the Erdoğan regime came to power in 2002. During the regime of Erdoğan, the state apparatus has been transformed from an organ that is supposed to guarantee the welfare of the People and aim to realize substantive equality of opportunity into a means to forcefully indoctrinate society with individualism and fundamentalism.


The reason behind these repressive policies is well known by Turkish revolutionaries: The US, the EU and other imperialist powers seek "loyal" puppets and "obedient" peoples to achieve their bloody ambitions. These global oppressors, who have murdered millions of innocent people in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq are now threatening us with a baseball bat, which is merely an incarnation of the Erdoğan regime, to kill our Syrian siblings.


However, our People have said "Enough is Enough"! That which has gone around for a decade has finally come around! Our People have risen up and taken the struggle to the streets in order to defend their freedom!


The Turkish Youth Union defends our People, our Homeland and the working class in this glorious cause!


The Turkish Youth Union will continue the struggle until the dictatorship is overthrown and our beloved Turkey is freed from US hegemony!


Long live the People of Turkey!
Long live the Homeland!
Down with fascism!
Down with imperialism!