Turkish revolution. An interview with James Porrazzo

Natella Speranskaya:  The national revolution has started in Turkey. What are the forces behind it? Who is fighting who?


James Porrazzo:  Right now it is very unclear who is behind it, but our comrades like Turkish Workers Party and other Eurasianist forces are with the drive against Erdogan so I trust their judgment on the ground as to where our own support should be directed. The prospect of the globalist, capitalist and zionist enemy being driven out of control of Turkey is cause to rejoice.


Natella Speranskaya:  How is the Turkish revolution related to the geopolitical opposition of Eurasianism (Russia, Iran, Syria) and atlantism (NATO, USA, EU) ?


James Porrazzo:  Certainly the treacherous actions of Erdogan against Syria was one of the catalysts of this revolt. The Turkish people should be applauded for not turning a blind eye to their country being a staging point for our enemies in Eurasia generally and against Syria specifically.


Natella Speranskaya:  Your prognosis of the development of events in Turkey and how it will effect the situation in Syria?


James Porrazzo:  It's too early to say. Optimistically I would love to see the overthrow, trial and execution of camp Erdogan, the release of Doğu Perinçek and all our other comrades who are suffering as political prisoners and Turkey to enter into the realm of anti-globalist / anti-imperialist nations. More realistically I think this will throw a wrench into the works of the globalist efforts to interfere in Syrian affairs. The FSA may soon meet the fate they deserve.