Syria: last call

Syria: last call

Natella Speranskaya 

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 Today we are going to discuss the dramatic situation in Syria and the desperate struggle of the government of Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian people. We are going to discuss the symbolic meaning of this decisive battle and its geopolitical implications.

The conflict between pro-Western forces against the legitimate leadership of Syria is a direct continuation of the so-called Arab Spring, a series of bloody coups, uprisings, and civil wars that the West unleashed during the spring of 2010.

Part of its strategy in this is the creation of a condition of “controlled chaos”.

As a result of the Arab Spring all the political regimes that have up until now somehow resisted U.S. imperialism in the region have been overthrown and their independent leaders have been expelled or killed. Bloody chaos, terror, and fanaticism have swept the Middle East under the constructed guise of ‘democratic revolution’.

Here, geopolitics, religion, and ... eschatology are closely linked. The attack on Syria is a strategic move in preparation for the invasion of Iran. But, at the same time it is the onset of the last act of an eschatological drama.

In addition to geopolitics and religion, oil is also an important factor. An analysis of the petropolitical dimension of this conflict will be presented in the "Stratagem" segment of this show by our geopolitical commentator, Leonid Savin.

The events in Syria began in 2011. The West thought that it could replicate the ‘Libyan scenario’ in Syria and that pro-American and extremist forces would quickly overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad and plunge the country into bloody chaos. But those plans went awry.

During the Arab spring, it became clear that the West plays a double standard. If  a country’s government is loyal to the U.S., as for example, in Bahrain, Washington and its puppets support it, and ruthlessly suppress the rebels. If, however, the government’s foreign policy is not aligned with the interests of the US, then the West arms and supports terrorists and rebels against that government.

The double standards and the cynical logic of NATO will be explained by the well-known American-Russian radio host, Tim Kirby in his segment of the show, “Offensive”.

Little by little, it has become apparent that the true intents of the US in the Syrian conflict are directed against the Shiites and their influence in the region. They wish to use radical Sunni fundamentalists as a tool to attack the Shia arc in the Middle East, which extends from Iran, the main regional obsession of U.S. geostrategists, through Iraq, and Syria to Lebanon, where Hezbollah is based. The Shia are the most resolute enemies of the Dajjal. This is now clear.

Islamic leaders in the Islamic world have finally begun to understand more clearly the real plans of the U.S. and its Israeli puppets.

 The acknowledged Islamic authority – the Islamic scholar Imran Hosein has adeptly analyzed the situation:

The picture is clear – Geopolitics in this case is intertwined with signs of the End Times. The situation is not solely an internal or regional conflict within the Islamic world. Rather it is a global crisis, leading to the possibility of a world war. Other than Iran, which is the main regional target for U.S. imperialism and Saudi Arabian and Qatari interests, the secondary target of interest is Russia. This is not only because there is a small Russian naval base in Syria, but also because Iran and Russia are now strategic partners in the interest of the realization of a multipolar world.

The alignment of the Great Powers over the Syrian conflict and its ethno-religious divides will be discussed by Mark Sleboda, our political analyst and expert on international relations, in his segment of our show, “Dissent”.

In the case of Libya, Russian foreign policy was hesitant, weak, and divided, replicating the foreign policy situation during the Gorbachev-Yeltsin era. Then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev essentially betrayed Libya, allowing the West to attack from the air. Today the situation is different: the head of Russia is Vladimir Putin once again and Moscow’s foreign policy stance is very different. There are no more doubts about the real objectives of the Americans here; it is a decisive phase of the war - a war not only against Russia’s friends and allies, but a war against Russia itself.

In Syria, the course of the future world order is being decided: Will the world be a unipolar or multipolar one? Yet there is also a still deeper level of conflict: who will win - the Antichrist Dajjal, or the Mahdi, and the Islamic and Christian faithful? The Mahdi’s forces are traditional Islam and Shiism. The true Christian power in such a situation can only be Russia. Western civilization has ceased to be Christian in all but pretense long ago.

The final phase of this conflict is fast approaching. We have entered into the final battle for the end meaning of world history.

The enemy is inflicting on Syria a death blow. Now the fighting closes in on Damascus. If the West and its GCC allies are not stopped there, then they will move next on Iran. After that we will see the rise of anti-Russian forces in the North Caucasus, where the Salafist underground is closely following the developments in Syria. The fall of Assad would be for them a signal of a  new beginning of their own uprising. Once again, the West will find an excuse to support them. It would mean nothing less than the start of a third war in the Caucasus.

Many people, after what has happened in Libya, understand the situation perfectly and no longer have any illusions about the times in which we live. It is now clear they will give us no mercy. Either humanity must stop the US-Israeli-Antichrist Dajjal, or we will be crushed under its heel.

But many, alas, are still asleep, while blood is flowing out there, with the lives of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children at stake.

This is not just a Russian concern. The enemy of all humanity draws the noose tighter and tighter about the necks of us all. Every second, the boots of the NATO occupier and his Salafist proxies are drawing nearer. The powerful and cynical pro-Israeli lobby lies to the whole world, presenting the aggressors as victims and the victims as the aggressors.  The war is being fought within our borders - a war for our very hearts, souls, and minds, as well as over our bodies.

The situation could not be more serious or dire.

Thus, the Global Revolutionary Alliance is calling for a mobilization of anti-imperialist forces to come together all over the world.

The whole world must join in resistance against this implacable foe. But we should   not dwell in fear, for, surely, God is on our side….

On the outskirts of Damascus in the modern day, Cain is preparing once again to kill Abel. The hordes of Gog and Magog attack a sacred sanctuary.

Everyone has the right to choose their own trench. But no one can say later that you were not warned.

Damascus - is the final warning to us all. The road to Damascus is the road of our soul.

For our faiths and the truth, we must resist together, sparing no breath. Otherwise, we fall alone like cattle.

The President and people of Syria are now bearing the banner of the Global Revolution and paying for it with their own blood.

Damascus – is now a universal interest that should rightly concern us all.

Thank you for watching this special episode of Global Revolutionary Alliance News.

See you on the battlefield….