Stop rape, kill and torture Russian children in USA



What is your attitude to the act of adopting of Russian children by foreign citizens, and do not you think that this is a violation of Russian sovereignty (especially in those countries where is legalized gay marriage)?


Johan Bäckman (Finland)

Finnish political author, legal sociologist and criminologist


First of all, decisions regarding adoption of Russian children abroad, belong to competent organs of Russian Federation which have power to pass laws. It is internal affairs of Russia to decide about adoptions, especially when issue deals with underage citizens of Russia.

Recently up to 20 Russian children, adopted to USA, have been violently killed. This raises the question of security and protection of Russian children abroad. I would like to remind, that annually up to 6 million violent crimes are reported against children in USA, and USA have not signed United Nations convention of the rights of the child. USA is very dangerous country for children. We should also keep in mind so-called American culture and its products, propaganda of pornography, ateism and homosexualism in so-called cartoon movies targeted to children.

In my opinion, all adopted Russian children should be returned to homeland. Russian children should live in Russia.

Of course, I consider law concerning banning adoption as fair and necessary step in protecting human rights. But any legal steps are internal affairs of Russia and not topic of speculation for foreign commentators.


Fabio Falchi (Italy)

Еditor of the Italian magazine «Eurasia - Rivista di studi geopolitici»


Of course I think that this is a violation of Russian sovereignty.

There is a clear strategy "behind" this kind of actions and it does not differ from that of many Non-governmental organization (NGO) that use so-called "human rights" (actually rights "made in USA") to attack a country from the inside.


James Porrazzo (USA)

NEW RESISTANCE (The Popular Front for the Liberation of America), Global Revolutionary Alliance.


We are opposed to both gay marriage and gay adoption of children, in our country so of course we oppose their "right" to adopt foreign children.

We believe, firmly, that the adoption of Russian children by foreign citizens is a violation of Russian sovereignty. We also suspect, in many cases, it may be fueled by quite sinister motives.


Orazio Maria Gnerre (Italy)

Editorial Director of the «Nomos - Bollettino di studi e analisi», freelance journalist, representative of the Italian political organization Millennium.


I already expressed my opinion about the Russian Government resolution to prohibit adoptions of Russian children by the foreign countries who don't recognize the legitimacy of Russia to sustain its own policy of sovereignty. Personally, I advocate that this is a coherent decision, especially to preserve moral values and cultural identity of the Russian orphans from countries known for cultural degeneration, existensial crisis and collapse of the basic social structures as the family. Russia must preserve the dignity of his sons, especially if affected by the death of their natural parents, from states who consider Russia as a third world country, culturally inferior.


Alessandro Lattanzio (Italy)

Еditor of the Italian magazine «Eurasia - Rivista di studi geopolitici», Doctor of Political Science, vice-president of the Mediterranean Institute for Direct Democracy.


Abolish all adoption's forms by foreign citizens. In western countries there is a tide of new family model (gay, trans, and others new family models). State and gvt's structures, must to got charge and cure the childrens without families.


Claudio Mutti (Italy)


Italian philosopher and essayist, еditor of the Italian magazine «Eurasia - Rivista di studi geopolitici».

It is a shame that Russian babies could be adopted in a country which legalizes the sodomitic degeneration. This state of things must come to an end.


Giacomo Gabellini (Italy)

Italian political scientist, journalist.


I think that's a very delicate theme, but I agree with Putin's decision to intervene on the matter. It's a clear violation of Russian sovereignty, regardless of the fact that in the country where the children are taken are allowed gay marriage.


Tim Kirby (Russia)

Correspondent of the Russia Today, creator of the Tsar Podcast, collaborator of the GRA.


Preface: I am the parent of one (soon to be two) Russian citizen(s) and I am male, these factor in to my view of the situation.

There is an old expression, but one that patriotic Russians take great pride in “Русские не сдаются” (Russians never surrender). This is the mentality of a great civilization and I know from living in Russia many years that people want to be proud of their country again, they want to get the recognition as (and have the pull of) a great civilization throughout the entire world like the Soviet Union did. Now can you consider yourself a great nation if you export your children to other countries like some sort of African colony? No you can't.

If Russians aren't supposed to “surrender” then why should they en masse surrender their children (especially) to countries with flagrantly racist anti-Russian foreign policy? There is a widespread but thankfully fading belief that everything in the USA/EU is “just better” and that the life of any child would be better there. How can you have pride in yourself and have a bright future as a “derzhava” (an interesting Russian word which could mean anything from a power, civilization or empire) when you believe that your children's lives are better off somewhere else. You cannot have derzhava status and surrender your children for a better life elsewhere; end of story.

In terms of sovereignty if we look at the EU/USA and Russia and take note that Americans and EU citizens cannot be adopted by Russians but they have the ability to take nearly a generation's worth of Russians from Russia with no problem, well in this situation who looks like the plantation master and who looks like they are picking cotton? (I've seen some sources claiming that around 700,000 Russian children have been taken overseas since the fall of Communism)

As a male for me these bigger ideas about Russia as a nation take precedent. Seeing Russia restored as a derzhava is priority #1. However, there is an individual side that has to be addressed.

Let's be blunt. Does growing up in an orphanage (a government institution) suck? Yes, yes it does, no matter how wealthy your country is being raised by the state is worse than having loving even if flawed parents.

The abuse and well outright murder of Russian children abroad does make huge headlines but I can't lie, this is only a small portion of the actual adopted children from Russia. We can look at this two ways (possibly there are more ways to look at it but I don't see them in my mind) either you think that it is worth the occasional risk to get these children into homes with parents or it is Russia's duty to maintain control and responsibility for these children's lives until they are 18 by keeping them in the country. I fall into the latter category, I would rather have 9 kids spend their lives in an institution to save the tenth from falling into the hands of psychotic Protestant cultists or pedophiles, forgive me if I am gun shy about handing children over to be raped daily.

I had the chance to briefly speak to someone who runs an orphanage after a TV appearance. I asked her if she could reject claims for adoption from the USA if she felt suspicious about the people wanting the kid. She said NO. If the paperwork is filed correctly then Americans essentially have THE RIGHT TO RUSSIAN CHILDREN! The youngest of Russians are apparently in that old “3/5 of a person” category and trust me if they have no power to reject properly filled out forms and the pedophile community in the West knows about this, then this is a massive loophole for purchasing sex slaves.

In closing I have to say that we live in a world where only individual rights and rights for corporations exist (since 1971 in the USA). I have noticed that for many people from the Western world it is difficult to grasp that there could be perhaps cultural or societal rights, that there could be something beyond the individual, so of the arguments I have made this far a native English speaker will probably have the most conflict with this one.

Patriotic Russians, the bulk of society beyond Moscow might argue that Russian children have the right to Russian culture. Best-Selling author Nikolai Starikov made the point that these children who are taken away are robbed of having any culture, (I believe he said they loose their “Russianness”) that perhaps there is a right for people to have an ethnicity. Also for most Russians the pro-gay, anti-gender, ultra-liberal lifestyle of Western Europe is absolutely anathema and disgusting. Russian society in general does not want its children to fall into the hands of two-dad families or go to school where discussion of gender is forbidden. Pictures from these schools of boys in dresses and sex-ed books for little EU children float around the Russian internet inspiring rage and disgust.

Identity in Europe is dying, as one Russian in Germany once said “pretty soon they won't be able to have your name or gender on a German passport because it could be too offensive, how dare I have a gender or a last name that indicates my ethnicity!”. Russians as a society are very concerned with identity and would not want these children to grow up without one. Again PERHAPS from an individual rights perspective one could make arguments for this child export nonsense but if we look at things from cultural or group rights, it is clearly a no go because the export of children is absolutely against Russian society and its desires.


Boris Nad (Zagreb)

Serbian author, artist, thinker


Not even one country in Europe does not allow that its children to be adopted in the United States. Why would the Russian Federation allow? Russian Duma and the Russian president made the right decision. Russia, like any responsible state, is obliged to take care of its orphans. It is a question of sovereignty. Russia may resolve that problem itself. There is no reason for Russia to continue to be a "donor of the orphans".

U.S. is a special case. Through the tragedies such are the murder of boys Dimа Jakovlev and Maxim Kuzmin simply is no possible to pass. Today is the talk about 19 other similar cases; moreover, it is, as it stands, only the peak of the iceberg. Reaction of the U.S. сourts on this tragedy was scandalous. The perpetrators are released. Then the western media, for its own reasons, to all gave a political dimension.

About the adoption of Russian children, and anyone else's children, in countries where same-sex marriages are legalized is needless to talk at all – it is perfectly clear that these children are at risk of becoming victims of pedophiles. Of course, the Western media and political elite are still very concerned about the human rights of gay people. Will they in the near future fiery advocate and for the rights of pedophiles? Movement for the legalization of pedophilia in the West look for their "right of admission". But for us, however, are much more important rights of children, the rights of orphans.


Felix Aleman (Germany)

Spanish Anti-imperialist activist, AIP-Berlin

I am against this kind of adoptions, and I believe indeed that it is a violation of Russian sovereignity. Of course it is even worst, extremely negative, to allow children to be adopted in countries that promote the so-called gay marriages.

This subject with the adoptions is part of the western strategy of subverting Russian traditional values by infiltrating the society with the anti-values of the New World Order. Same thing with the "gay parades" and the "Pussy Riot"-issue, which cause massive propaganda and mediatic anti-Putin campaigns in the West.

The best way to colonize and subjugate a country is by destroying it psychologically  and spiritually (saying that patriotism is "racism", and encouraging a materialistic, consumeristic and individualistic way of life), and attacking the basis of society (the family); preaching that traditional family and values are not "in" anymore, and promoting hysteric feminism, "gay-pride" and enmity/competitiveness between man and woman (who, in the new liberal and modern world do not complement each other anymore, but fight against each other!)

NWO-architects know that very well; and unfortunately they have been successful in western Europe, because they are working on that (the "americanization" of the world) already since the ´60s (if not before). The "school of Frankfurt" (Horkheimer, Adorno, Marcuse...) started this subversion, inspiring the "new-left" as well as the "new-right" (neo-cons, who are originally Trotskists, influenced by liberalism and anarcho-capitalism).

In Russia, this anti-values promoted in the West were not implemented during the Soviet era, and that is why the Russian people are proud of their roots and traditions, and more aware of this kind of strategies used to colonize them and hurt their sovereignty.

It is interesting to see how this act of adopting children from foreign countries has been popularized and made "fashionable" by hollywood- and pop-stars (brainwash-agents of the NWO) like Madonna, Angelina Jolie and others; who on the one hand want us to believe that things like cosmopolitanism (globalism) and same-sex marriages are "cool", and that who is against this is an evil "racist" and "homophobic"; and at the same time are warmongering in the name of "human rights" and "democracy" (see Angelina Jolie´s propaganda against Serbia and Syria, for instance).


Daniele Scalea (Italy)

General Director of IsAG (the Italian institute of geopolitics based in Rome)

I think any assessment of this matter should be reserved to Russians. If Russian people believe that adopting of their children by foreign citizens is an help to assist orphans that cannot be taken care of in their homeland, so it's good; if Russian people believe that this is a steal of their manpower, so it's bad. As long as is the Russian who decide, no violation of his sovereignty is possible.


Alfredo della Scala (Italy)

Italian journalist


I endorse unequivocally and enthusiastically not only the legal measure mentioned in the poll, but also the ban on adoptions of children by homosexuals.

The Russian government is expressing two very important things about this matter: first, that Russian citizens are not for sale; second, that Russia stands for the defense of the traditional values of family and marriage.


Manuel Ochsenreiter (Germany)

Editor-in-chief of "ZUERST!" magazine


I am generally very sceptical about adopting children "out of" their homelands - not just when it comes to Russia. It is deeply questionable, when adult people use children as a sort of "postmodern accessoir" to show off their globalist mood by showing a colourful famaly.

And foreigners, who adopt for example Russian children tried to adopt before a child in their own country, but where not succesful, because the authorities didn´t consider them as stable, trustworthy or reliable enough. Then those people try to adopt a foreign child, because foreign countries often have more easy regulations or are corrupt. The question is: Why should for example a US-american child be protected from those unreliable adults, but not a Russian child?

The same point with gay marriage. In Germany gay couples cannot adopt children until today (but I am sure, it will be "liberalized" within the next years). So they use the diplomatic trick and "buy" children in a foreign country. So there is the same problem: Protection for the own nationals, but sell out for the foreign children. And we don´t have to discuss thank god, that a family should consinst of a male father and a female mother.