Putin's Russia stands firmly

Putin's Russia stands firmly

From the very beginning, of the Syrian conflict, Moscow has taken an unequivocal position: it is Syria's sovereign and internal affair and no external intervention is tolerable or legal under international law.

Russia has not only discouraged the possibility of intervention but univocally has spoken against it at the UN Security Council .

China has held to the same position.

Two geopolitical camps have formed around the Syrian conflict: In the one camp are those against any intervention and the supporters of a multipolar world : Russia, China, and Iran

And in the other camp—  sectarian and extremist forces and opponents of the secular Syrian state, supported by the United States, Israel, and their allies in the Islamic world - Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Putin firmly warned Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan that he will not tolerate the intervention of Turkish troops in Syria. This would entail NATO intervention under Article 5 as Turkey is a NATO member.

And threatened him with eventual war if they ignore the Russian demand.

The CIA has reported that they expect the Syrian government to fall to the jihadists and  Sunni sectarians within several weeks.

In anticipation of the U.S. recognized the official government extremist leaders of Syria, as they have done before with respect to the rebels in Libya.

Thus they have signed Bashar Assad’s death warrant.

Along with the death of tens to hundreds of thousands of Syrians too who do not agree with the end of their country, which they love and are willing to defend to the last drop of blood.

Two camps – two global blocks , two armies.

All positions are clearly defined and marked. This time Russia won’t flinch and back down (as it did in Libya under Medvedev). The political climate in Moscow has changed. But this strong will in the defense of  truth and justice doesn't ensure a happy ending to the conflict.

We are all in the war now. All of us.