Part 7. Images of the future: the dialectics of multiple norm


Part 7. Images of the Future: the Dialectics of Multiple Norms 

1. The future will only be possible if we manage to destroy the existing world and to make the 

norm a reality. Each segment of the anti-American front, each element of the Global 

Revolutionary Alliance has its own vision of the future, its own norm. It must be assumed that 

these images and these norms are different, disparate, and even mutually exclusive. But this 

circumstance will be important only if these norms and images of the future are realized as 

something universal and obligatory, something that is exclusive and excludes all other 

imperatives common to all mankind. In this case, the split within the Global Revolutionary 

Alliance is sooner or later inevitable, and, therefore, its activity is doomed to failure at some 

point. The Muslims, atheists, Christians, socialists, anarchists, conservatives, libertarians, 

fundamentalists, sectarians, progressivists, environmentalists, or traditionalists will hardly get 

along with each other, if they try to spread their vision of the future to their neighbours, and even 

more so, to all mankind. And the global oligarchy will immediately take advantage of this, 

hammering a wedge between the opponents; it will split their solidarity and will kill or strangle 

each individually. Considering the sheer simplicity and primitiveness of such a strategy, it has 

invariably and consistently given a positive result to those who have been using it over the past 

millennia. The Global Revolutionary Alliance has no right to succumb to such a pre-programmed 

and anticipated turn of events. The ability to extract knowledge from history and to create a 

strategy based upon rational thought is an essential attribute of an intelligent person. Thus, in 

order for its war to succeed, the Global Revolutionary Alliance must avoid this impending trap. 

With diverse and disparate images of the future, we must learn to imagine them in their local, 

rather than a universal context. Islam for Muslims, Christianity for Christians, socialism for 

socialists, ecology for environmentalists, fundamentalism for fundamentalists, nation for 

nationalists, anarchy for anarchists and so on – that should be the way of designing the future. 

This means that we must recognize the multiplicity, the plurality of the future, its polyvariability, 

as well as the coexistence of different designs of the future on different contiguous or 

noncontiguous territories. The Global Revolutionary Alliance opposes a single future common to 

all; it stands for a bouquet of futures, for humanity to be replenished with a variety of shades and 

colours, ways and variations, horizons and waymarks, areas for a forward-throw or the return to 

the roots. But for some of these alternative futures to come into being, the help of other forces – 

ones that are certain to see the future in a different way – is needed. This is the main discovery of 

the revolutionary strategy of the XXI century. No one gets his own future, if one rejects the idea 

that the others will have their own future as well, distinct from that of any other, its own norm, 

and its own horizon. The future will become real and free only if all nations and cultures, all 

civilizations and political movements, all states and separate individuals manage to do away with 

the American hegemony, the global oligarchy, and the financial system. And this can be done 

only by combining the efforts of all those who are discontent. No one should be excluded from 

the Global Revolutionary Alliance. All those who oppose the status quo and who see the root of 


all evil in liberalism, globalism, and Americanism should be treated as plenipotentiary 

participants of our common front. 

2. The future must be based on the principle of solidarity, on societies as organic holistic units. 

Each culture will give its own response in a particular spiritual and religious form. This form will 

be different in each case. But they will all have something in common. There are no such 

cultures, religions and states, which elevate matter, money, physical comfort, mechanical 

effectiveness, and vegetative pleasure to the highest value. Matter can never retrieve its own 

form, because it is formless. 

But it is precisely this kind of an entirely materialistic civilization that is being built on a global 

scale by the world’s global oligarchy, exploiting the basest, the most tangible incentives, and the 

most primitive impulses of mankind. At the darkest depths of the soul, there are shameful, semi- 

animal, semi-demoniac energies lying dormant, tending to matter in order to merge with the 

organic, physical being. These sluggish energies, resistant to fire, to light, to concentration and 

elevation, are the very backbone exploited by the global system, which it cultivates, with which 

it gallivants, and which it celebrates. This depth of the soul, or the voice of physicality, ruins any 

cultural form, any ideal, any normative, whatever it is. This means, that the course of history 

comes to a stop, the eternal return of the consuming cycle begins, as does the race for material 

pleasures, consumption of simulacra and of mindless images. It is in this way that societies lose 

their future. Each culture opposes these basest appetites, the energies of spiritual entropy and 

decay, but does so in its own way and marks the coordinates for its own norms, its ideas, and its 

spirit. And despite the fact that the lineaments and configuration of these forms and ideals are 

different, they all have one thing in common – in fact, such is the case anytime we are talking 

about form, rather than substance, about an idea, rather than physicality, about the norm and 

effort, rather than dissipation, entertainment, and debauchery. Therefore, the image of the future 

is common in all its diversity, and to attain it, all the elements of the Global Revolutionary 

Alliance must fight against the global oligarchy. In all cases, it is the form, rather than deformity, 

an idea, rather than matter, something that elevates the human spirit, rather than sinks it into the 

abyss of empty inertial entropic physicality. At the heart of any norm stand the common good, 

truth, and beauty. Each nation has its own ideals – usually quite different. Yet they share the 

view that it is these that are the ideals, and not anything else. The global oligarchy destroys all 

these ideals, not letting them be upheld. In doing so, it deprives all societies of the future. 

3. These ideals should be conquered in war and hardened in the fire of revolution. This will not 

occur simply by itself. That is the reason why the revolution against the American global world 

is not just a detail or an accident, but the workings of history, the movement of which is blocked 

by certain forces. 

These forces will not leave by themselves, will not step aside, and will not give way for energies 

of existence. We are at a civilizational and historical dead end. The structure of this dead end is 

such that both its objective and subjective dimensions presuppose that the deadlock is 

deliberately selfishly maintained by a certain historical and, at the same time, anti-historical 


phenomenon – the global oligarchy. In order to open the gates to the future, it is necessary to 

blow up the dam that stands in its way. No war – no victory. No victory – no ever-coming future. 

Unlike nature, where the sun rises every morning on its own, the onset of the dawn of human 

history depends directly on the effectiveness and the success of the struggle against the dark 

forces – the world’s oligarchy, the U.S., and global capitalism. Only having uprooted the existing 

global elite, the course of history can move forward, from where it got stuck today. The future 

can only be created in war and born out of the fire of the Global Revolution. War and Revolution 

are an awakening. Daytime is the time of the awakened ones. Meanwhile, the global oligarchy 

does all it can to ensure that humanity continues sleeping, and seeks to guarantee that it never 

awakes. For this exact purpose, an artificial virtual world is being created, where the night lasts 

forever, and the day is represented in exquisite electronic simulation. This world should be 

blown it up. 

4. The design of the future must be contemplated and created openly. Peoples and societies must 

select it, but not receive it as something imposed. Thus, the Global Revolutionary Alliance 

should appeal to all and to everyone; it must disclose everything about its goals and objectives 

and their horizons and their plans. The Global Revolutionary Alliance should not seek to impose 

or bestow anything onto anyone. The Global Revolutionary Alliance promises nothing, does not 

tempt, and does not lead to a place that is only clear to the Alliance itself, but that remains a 

mystery to everyone else. Such tactics will not give us the desired result. The Global 

Revolutionary Alliance insists on a universal awakening, on total mobilization, the piercing and 

general awareness of the catastrophe that has opened up and is gaining momentum, and on 

building a new transparent world – open to all people – on this tragic foundation. We must tell 

people the truth: the state of humanity is awful, the self-diagnosis is highly disappointing. Yes, 

this is a disease, a severe illness, deep and relentless. But .....curable. It is curable only if it is 

recognized as a disease, considered such, and if there is the will to change the situation and to 

find the horizon of recovery. To find health, it is necessary to recover. To recover, we must 

realize that we are seriously ill. And the first step to recovery will be to identify where the 

disease takes us, and what its main carriers are. The case records are located in modern Western 

culture and its historical prelude. The carrier of the disease, parasitic on its development much 

like tumor cells in healthy tissues, is the world’s global oligarchy, the Monster-State USA, the 

ideology of liberalism, vicious in its foundations, its worldwide network of agents of influence, 

serving the interests of the empire of evil in all societies – including those that were able to 

maintain at least partial immunity to these malignant, corrosive viruses. Doctors know that 

without the will of the patient, recovery is not possible, and no tricks and external methods will 

help. Therefore, the main allies of the Global Revolutionary Alliance are the people themselves, 

societies, cultures, all of mankind, which are simply obliged to wake up and to shake off the 

blood-sucking American oligarchic liberal scum. Reset and start living a full life – according to 

one’s own will and relying on one’s own mind. Only then will the mission of the Global 

Revolutionary Alliance be carried out, and there will no longer be a need for it. In its place will 

come the future, which mankind will choose for itself, and which it will freely make with its own 

hands. It will create itself, only by itself, and for itself only.