Part 5. War practice

Part 5. War practice
1. Global oligarchy uses convenient conflicts, divides and incites its enemies against each other. She is at aggressive wars, provokes them and will act this way in future. The question is not: to fight or not to fight, we will be forced to fight in any case, today more important is how to fight and with whom? War is indefeasible part of human history. All attempts to evade it in practice led only to new wars, each time more violent than previous ones. Thus, realism compels us to treat the war evenly and impartially. Humanity made wars, makes it now and will make it until its end. Most of the religious prophecies about the future describe it in terms of "final battle". Thence, war must be understood as a socio-cultural environ of human existence. It is inevitable and this should be taken for granted. Wars will rend humanity, but every time we have to learn to correctly analyse the forces involved in the war. This analysis qualitatively changes under current circumstances. Earlier wars were fought between ethnic groups, or between religions, or between empires, or between national states, in the XX century between ideological blocs. Today a new warfare era came, where the protagonist is always a global oligarchy, carrying out its plans, either with the direct use of American forces and NATO troops, or organizing local conflicts in such a way, that its scenario is consistent with the interests of this elite indirectly. In some cases, conflicts, wars and unrest are provoked with participation of many groups, none of which represent the interests of the global oligarchy directly; then we are dealing with a situation of controlled chaos, manipulation with which are processed by American strategists since the 80s. In other cases, the global oligarchy stands simultaneously for the two warring parties, manipulating them in its advantage. Correct analysis of modern war thus is reduced to defining the algorithm of behaviour and singling out tactical and strategic goals of the global oligarchy and American state in each particular case. This kind of analytics requires a new method, based on a revolutionary and global consciousness. Participating the war or watching the war, we should always try to understand its hidden structure and the true nature, relating to the inherent in the conflict program of world government and the planetary elite. Videlicet this instance is a provocateur of practically all of today's wars, with the help of which the global oligarchy maintains and strengthens its dominance, trying to delay its end
2. Anti-American front in conditions of newest warfare must firstly become the centre of correct analysis of the opposing forces, and of global oligarchy’s interests, hidden behind them, and secondly, must master skills of reorientation of military actions against the real culprit of any modern conflict - against the global oligarchy itself, the liberal environment, the U.S. influence agents network and other accomplices. Today there are no more aggressors and victims, national interests or competition in the accumulated force, which explained wars of the past. Wars of the XXI century are of a character of episodes of a single world civil war, insurgency and symmetrical retributive operations by world government. Anti-American front by its very existence should serve as a mechanism for the reorientation of any flashing military conflict in the true purpose and its real culprits - the U.S., globalism, and their structures.
3. The new conditions require us to improve the skills of classic fighting, as well as mastering new territories of war - including network, cyber, virtual zones. Mastering these areas is the most important area for anti-American front, because the virtual network area allows to effectively use asymmetric forms of military operations.
If military power in the sense of traditional forms of weapons makes resources of global hierarchy and their U.S. and NATO tools incomparably and many times more superior than the whole power of potential adversaries, and in this area of the frontal confrontation there hardly is a chance to win, then in the area of network warfare and cyber strategies other factors are decisive. Not least role is played by creativity, unconventional ways of thinking, inventiveness, and ability to act outside the box. In cyberspace, at a certain stage forces of global oligarchy and the revolutionary counter-elite can be equated at least temporarily: in frames of once again opened area, zone or technology, especially at first, creativity of loners is comparable with major budgetary constructions of transnational corporations. Suchwise a personal website or stylish blog of a gifted loner may attract public and have an impact comparable to the official government source of information of a country or a large scale funded by globalists media resource. Having mastered the network strategies, it becomes possible to wage a sterling and dynamic cyber war with the global oligarchy - including virology, revolutionary trolling, flaming, flooding, spamming and usage of bots, virtuals and socket-puppet strategies. In this regard, anti-American front of the global counter-elite needs both military trainers and veterans of hot conflicts of classic design, hackers troops, programmers, system administrators or single figures of the global network resistance. Entire reality is now a field of the war - both located in offline, and related to the zones of virtuality. We must be prepared to lead an all-out global war, extending the zone of combat operations at all current levels - from common behaviour, lifestyle, fashion, work and leisure to ideology, information flows, technology, networking and virtual worlds. We must seek to inflict maximum damage on a global oligarchy and the interests of U.S. and NATO on all available levels - personal, military, economic, cultural, informational, network, cyberspace, etc. The enemy must be attacked both frontally and stealthily. At any point where flames resistance to globalism, American expansion and domination of the global oligarchy, should concentrate global efforts of planetary anti-American front, giving support to the rebels, information maintenance, military assistance, conducting all types of actions aimed at inflicting maximum damage on a global oligarchy - moral, physical, informational , image, ideological, material, economic, etc.
4. World revolutionary counter-elite must act by any means, depending on the situation. Under military circumstances by military means, under peaceful ones - as it will turn. It should be clear: we are dealing with a system of illegitimate liberal terror, political system created by the cannibalistic junta of international maniacs, that unlawfully seized world control levers, leading the humanity to a death. If we accept their rules, we are guaranteed with slavery, humiliation, degradation, dissolution and forthcoming death. Current situation is not just some temporary condition, burdened by unpleasant details and vexatious costs; it is a fatal diagnosis: continuation of the current trends is not compatible with life. In such a situation, for us there is no longer either law, obstacles, moral attitudes and code of conduct. On this topic we shall speak only after destruction of obscene global clique of oligarchs and their international mercenaries. Thus, in the fight against the system any means to an end. We must clearly realize that the power of the global oligarchy can not be considered a law, and its settings and power authorities that cooperate with it are illegitimate collaborators. The only law is the global revolutionary struggle for a radical change in the course of human history. Only this war is legitimate, just and moral. Only its rules and its purposes are justified and worthy of respect. Anyone who is not involved in this war on the side of the Revolution, with this simple fact already helps the global oligarchy to maintain and strengthen their power. The law of modern global society is lawlessness, all proportions reversed. And on the contrary, the only rightful is now revolt, resistance, struggle against the status quo, trying to arrange its despotism in real terms. While the power is in the hands of the global oligarchy, we don’t have to comply any laws except the laws of war and revolution. However, the global oligarchy itself rules basing on the new one, provokes conflicts and tries to manipulate them. In such circumstances, we are dealing with illegal thieves and maniacs, killing whom is the duty of every normal person, mindful of his species dignity. War is our homeland, our element, our natural, native environment in which we must learn to exist effectively and victoriously.