Part 4. The Fall of the West: the United States as a country of absolute evil

Part 4. The Fall of the West: the United States as a country of absolute evil
1. The origins of the current situation lie deep in the history of West and socio-political processes, that are unfolding in this part of the world. History of Western Europe led its societies to the point, when gradually individualism, rationalism, materialism, reductionism began to dominate, and then on its basis the capitalism formed and the bourgeoisie became triumphant. The ideology of liberalism became an ultimate expression of bourgeois system.
Exactly this ideological, philosophical, political and economic line led to the current situation. In times of modernity, Europe was the cradle of materialistic liberal civilization, which it imposed to other peoples of the earth through its colonial imperialist policy. Herewith most heinous forms of coercion were used: for example in the XVI century Europeans recreated the institution of slavery, which ceased to exist a thousand years ago under the influence of Christian ethics. Europeans turned to this disgusting practice in the very moment when the West began to develop the theory of humanism, free thought and democracy. Slavery, therefore, was an innovation of capitalism and the bourgeois order. The bourgeois system was installed in European colonies; in some of which it got most consistent and vivid expression, bringing the bourgeois-democratic set to a logical end. United States of America, a colonial state based on slavery, individualism, egoism, dominance of money and tangibles, became a coronal of this bourgeois Western Civilization of Modern era. Gradually, former European colonies became independent centre of power and in the middle of the XX century became the centre of whole Western civilization, to the pole of the world capitalist system. After the end of the Soviet Union the U.S. were left without its balancing socialistic bloc, becoming a centre of global bourgeois system. That is exactly American elite that mostly closely fused with the global oligarchy, practically identified with it. And although the global oligarchy is wider than American political class, it also includes the European oligarchy, and partially Westernized bourgeois elites from other parts of the world, namely the United States became the backbone of the modern global world order. American military power is a major strategic factor in global politics, American economic system is a model for the rest of the world, American system of mass media actually coincides with a global network, American cultural cliches are imitated throughout the world, American technology are ahead of all the other technological developments. In such a situation the population of the U.S. itself plays the role of passive hostages, which are controlled by the global elite, using the tools of American nation to implement its global objectives. The United States is a giant golem, controlled by the oligarchy. In the United States embodies the spirit of such an order of things, which poses an imminent catastrophe in itself, which is an expression of evil, injustice, oppressive exploitation, alienation and colonial imperialism.
2. United States and its policies around the world is a major scourge and a major factor in upholding and strengthening the existing order of things. All the catastrophic trends of our time come from there.
a. The American economy is based on the dominance of the financial sector, that completely replaced the worthiness of production, the classical industrial capitalism, not to mention agriculture. The vast majority of U.S. citizens are employed in the tertiary service sector, that is they produce nothing in the concrete. U.S.’ financial parasitism applies to the entire planet, because the dollar, printed without any limitation by the Federal Reserve System, is a reserve currency in a global world model. The world economy is US-centric and works for U.S. regardless of whether this economy is effective or not.
b. Herewith the United States consumes the largest percentage of world’s resources reserves per capita, contaminating the atmosphere with poisonous waste and billions of tons of debris. U.S. exhausts resources from the rest of the world and establishes (through the military-strategic, diplomatic and economic control over the suppliers) such a price for it, from which the United States benefits.
Exactly this model of U.S. world hegemony creates a major imbalance in world economy, injustice and exploitation, approaching the inevitable resource collapse. Herewith, in distribution of natural resources the U.S. are guided solely by their national interests, what causes prerequisites for impending disasters.
c. American society has gone further than any other Western society on the way of atomization, individualization and disruption of social ties. Built by immigrants from different countries, American society initiated the beginning of individual identity. Divorced from a specific collective, from its roots, the West European model was allowed to be realized in the territory of Americas in purely laboratory conditions. American society did not just gradually disintegrate to individuals, but it was originally composed of them. That’s why here individualism reached its logical treshold, and sociality (including socialism) had minimal extent in comparison with all other Western countries (not to mention the east).
d. That is exactly U.S. where the process of individuation in has reached its extreme limits and went out of it in the direction of experiments to establish post-human beings. Successes of American scientists in the sphere of cloning, genetic engineering and experiments on developing hybrids allow to suggest that one day we will witness the phenomenon of appearance of post-human beings.
e. American society was based primarily on the mixture of cultures, nations and ethnic groups, on the principle of the "melting pot". The absence of organic ethnic ties were its specialty. Spreading its influence throughout the rest of the world, the U.S. are also promoting this cosmopolitan principle, making it a universal norm. Furthermore, the U.S. act as the main force, depriving one country after another from their right of national sovereignty, intruding in others' territories, whenever it is appropriate to its interests. Such were the invasion of the U.S. armed forces and other NATO countries, following the line of U.S. policy in Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. It is exactly the U.S. that play a major role in promoting cosmopolitism and de-sovereignization of nations and states.
f. The world's media, on whose conscience lies creation of absolutely false virtual image of the world, laid out in the interests of the global oligarchy, are mostly American and represent a continuation of U.S. media. Acting in the interests of the global world elite, they base their systems on the U.S. information network. In the American society itself masses of population are extremely ignorant and have lack of culture, combined with the naivete and trusting entirely false and fabricated notions, that are distributed by the entertainment industry, media and other means. This stereotype of ignorance, cartoon representation of the world, society, history, etc., in combination with certain technological skills and competencies, the United States spread to societies that get in the zone of their influence. Namely American system of knowledge, focused exclusively on pragmatic and material interests, based on the exploitation of intellectuals, almost entirely composed of immigrants from other countries, represents the culmination of the distortion of the sphere of knowledge for the sake of propaganda, pecuniary and utilitarian benefits.
g. Americans have a specific idea of progress, believe in the unlimited growth of their economic system, are confident about the future, which from their point of view should be "American". Most of them sincerely believe an expansion of the "American way of life" for all humanity to be the real boon, and are perplexed when face with rejection and an entirely different, negative reaction (especially when the spread of this lifestyle is accompanied by a military invasion and mass extermination of the local population, violent uprooting of traditional and religious customs and other delights of direct occupation). That one, which Americans call the " progress", the "democratization", "development" and "civilization" is in fact a degradation, colonization, degeneration, degeneracy and peculiar paradoxical form of liberal dictatorship.
It is no exaggeration to say that the United States as a stronghold of militant liberalism, is a visible embodiment of all the evil that plagues humanity today, is a powerful mechanism that steadily leads humanity to the final catastrophe. This is empire of absolute evil. And the hostages and victims of the disastrous course of this empire are not only all other nations, but also ordinary Americans, not different from the rest of conquered, fleeced, deprived and persecuted to the slaughter nations.
3. It is significant that the U.S. national symbolics is a set of sinister details. Statue of Liberty reproduces the Greek goddess of hell - Hecate, and her torch, whish people light up at night, alludes that this is a country of night. The dollar sign copies columns of Hercules, by which according to ancient Greeks the habitable zone of the Mediterranean ended, beyond which lied the world of oceanic hell - the area of titans, demons, and sank because os of its pride, its materialism and its corruption, Atlantis; but instead of the inscription “Nec plus ultra” ("Nothing further beyond"), which was made on aegis, binding the columns, the Americans put an inscription Plus ultra “Further beyond"), cracking, thus, a symbolic ban and morally justifying the construction of its hellish civilization. Masonic pyramid on the arms of the United States has no top, that means a society without a vertical hierarchy, cut off from its heavenly source. No less ominous are the other symbols. These are details, and they can be treated differently, but knowing what a huge role in human culture they play, at the same time we must not neglect such significant characters.
4. U.S. lead other societies to ruin. And perish themselves. At the same time the scale of catastrophic processes is such, that it would be naive to expect that someone in this situation would be able to wriggle out alone from destructive power of the incident idol. The question is not simply to "push the incident one", but to nudge it to such a place, that is safe for us. That it does not crush us. American Babel Tower is destined to collapse, but it is much likely that under its rubble all other countries will be buried. The U.S. have become a global phenomenon long ago, not a separate country.
Therefore, the struggle with the United States can not be of a character of those historical wars, that were waged by one states against other ones (or coalitions of states). America is a planetary phenomenon, global, and therefore the effective fight against it is possible only if it will take place simultaneously throughout the world, including the territory of U.S. itself, where, as elsewhere, are present nonconformist revolutionary forces, that categorically disagree with the course of the United States, the capitalist world and the global West.
These revolutionary forces within the U.S. may be the most diverse groups - both rightists and leftists, people of different religious, ethnic and religious orientations. And they must be regarded as a valuable segment of the planetary revolutionary front. To some extent we are all today in the American empire - either directly or indirectly, and still unknown, whether it is easier and safer to struggle against it on the periphery, in countries yet not formally placed under direct U.S. control. Suite of global oligarchy, which is almost always at the same time agents of American influence, hidden or direct Liberals, alerts to demonstrations of non-conformism in all world regions. And with the proliferation of tracking means and storage capacity, information processing and transmission total shadowing after any suspicious element  anywhere in the world is already an easily solved problem, and tomorrow will be a routine occurrence. It is important to understand that we live in a global America, and in this respect, those who oppose the United States and American hegemony as well as the global oligarchy from the outside, don’t differ much from those who are against the same enemy from within. We are all strictly in the same situation.