Part 3. Revolution imperative

Part 3. Revolution imperative
1. Against the existing order, perceived as intolerable evil, as the pathology and the situation, which will inevitably lead to catastrophe and to the death of humanity, it is necessary to propose an alternative beau ideal, the standard, the project of that, which doesn’t exist now, but what should be. But the global oligarchy will not give up its power itself under any circumstances. It would be naive to think otherwise. Hence, the task is to dislodge it from its hands, to wrest the power, to take it by force. This can be done only under one condition: if all the forces, dissatisfied with the current situation will act together. This principle of conjoint action is a unique phenomenon of recent history, that has become global. Global oligarchy sets its dominance on the planetary level. Its global nature is not a secondary quality, but reflects its essence. This global oligarchy attacks all peoples, nations, states, cultures, religions and societies. Not some type, not some regimes, not any particular selected objects of attack. This elite comes frontally and totally, seeking to turn all the areas of the Earth into the zone of its control. But in this areas there are different societies, different cultures, different peoples, different religions. And yet they haven’t lost their originality completely. Globalization brings death to all of them, and they still can understand it or feel it intuitively. But in the current situation no country, taken alone, has enough force to provide effective resistance to a global oligarchy. And even if you combine the efforts of one or another culture, or one or another regional community, that go beyond the borders of a single country, all the same forces are not equal. Only if all humanity will become aware of the need for radical opposition to globalism, we’ll have a chance to make our fight effective and rewarding results. Conjoint action does not require us to be fighting for the same ideals or to be in solidarity with those standards, which will replace the current catastrophe and pathlogy. These ideals may be different, and even, to some degree, conflict, but we all must realize that if we won’t be able to scrag the global oligarchy, all of these projects (whatever they are) will remain unrealized, and will die in vain. And if we find enough intelligence, will, sobriety and courage in ourselves  to act together against global oligarchy within the framework of idem Global Revolutionary Alliance, we will have a chance and open opportunity not only to fight on equal, but also to win. The differences between our societies and their normatives will matter only after we overthrow the global oligarchy. Until this moment contradictions of projects will only play into the hands of the global oligarchy, acting on age-old principle of all empires - the "divide and conquer". The global revolution has two aspects: the unity of what is to be destroyed, and the multiplicity of what is to be approved.
2. The revolution of the XXI century can not be a simple remake of the revolutions of XIX or XX centuries. Earlier revolutions sometimes correctly evaluated flaws of three regimes, against which they were directed. But the historical panorama did not allow to realize the most versatile and deep roots of evil. To attacks on truly pathological features of socio-political setup and unfair, alienated usurped power mingled minor and incidental historical and sociological elements that did not deserve such a hard rejection. Earlier revolutions quite often splashed the child with water, hitting the evil, affected something, what on the contrary, deserved preservation and restoration. Pure evil in the previous phases was hidden, camouflaged, and sometimes these revolutions itself brought in something of the spirit, of those guidelines and the trends, that led today to the financial, media and global tyranny of oligarchy. Moreover, previous revolutions mostly often proceeded within local conditions, and even there, where they claimed to be global, this scale was not possessed. Only today there are ripe conditions for a revolution to become really global. Since the system, against which it is directed, is already global in practice (not just in project). Another feature of previous revolutions was that they put forward clear alternative socio-political models, which mostly often pretended to be universal. If we now repeat this path, we will inevitably repel from the revolution those ones, who see the standard other way (through the prism of their society, their history, their culture) and who want a different future for themselves, than other revolutionaries against the global oligarchy. Thence, the revolution of the XXI century must be truly planetary and plural in its ultimate goals. All nations of the earth must revolt against existing world order jointly and severally, teamwise, but in the name of different ideals and to approve different normative in reality. To have future, we must conceive it as a complex bouquet of opportunities, realization of which is being prevented by the current world system and the global oligarchy. If we don’t crush it all together in the name of different purposes and different horizons, we won’t get nor bouquet, nor any other future, nor more of other futures. Let each society fight for its own design of the future. Revolution of the XXI century will be successful only if within its framework all nations will fight against the common enemy in the name of different goals.
3. Those spectacles that we see today in the so-called "colour revolutions" have nothing of genuine revolutionary in itself. They are organized by global oligarchy, are prepared and supported by its networks. The "colour revolutions" are almost always aimed against those societies or those political regimes, that actively or passively resist the global oligarchy, challenge its interests, that try to keep some independence from its policy, strategy, regional affairs and  economy. Thus, "colour revolutions" occur selectively, basing on mass media networks deployed by the globalist elite. These are a parody of revolution, and serve only counter-revolutionary purposes.
4. The new revolution should be geared to the radical overthrow of the global oligarchy, to destroy the world's elite, to destroy all order of things associated with it, or, rather, controlled disorder of things. Destroying the nerve of evil, we will liberate the history of peoples and societies from the parasitic vampire - world oligarchy. Only this can open up the prospect of constructing an alternative future. By the very definition revolution must be global. Global oligarchy is now dispersed throughout the world. It is present not only in the form of hierarchical structure with a clearly defined centre, the core, but in the form of a net dispersed field, dispensed throughout the world. The centre of decision making is not necessarily in the same place where the visible centres of political and strategic management of the West lie - that is, in the U.S. and other centres of the Western world. Specificity of the global elite is that its location is mobile and fluid, and the decision-making centre is mobile and dispersed. Thus, it is extremely difficult to strike at the core of the global oligarchy, focusing on its strong territorial fixation. To defeat this network evil, it is necessary to uproot its presence simultaneously in different parts of the earth. Moreover, it is necessary to infiltrate in the network itself, to sow there panic, crash, to place viruses and destructive processes. Radial destruction of the global oligarchy requires from the revolutionary forces to master the network procedures and to study network protocols of globalism itself. Humanity must fight the enemy on its territory, because today the whole area became a zone, one or another way controlled by the enemy. The struggle for destruction of the global elite therefore must be not only common, but also synchronized in different parts of the world, albeit asymmetric. In addition, the revolution in the present case involves a strategy of guerrilla warfare in the territory occupied by the enemy. Particularly, this means that the battle must be deployed in cyberspace too. Cyber revolution and the practice of radical struggle in the virtual space should be an integral part of the revolution of the XXI century.
5. Of all the ideologies of modernity times to present date, only one survived, embodied in liberalism or liberal capitalism. It is exactly this, where worldview and ideological matrix of the global oligarchy has concentrated. This global oligarchy is openly or covertly liberal.
Liberalism does a dual function: on the one hand, it serves as a philosophical card to strengthen, preserving and expanding the power of the global oligarchy, that is, acts as a guide to its ongoing global politics, on the other hand, it allows to recruit volunteers and collaborators of this elite by a wide grip, and its entourage, anywhere in the world; accepting liberalism, different personalities - political leaders, bureaucrats, industrialists, traders, intellectuals, scientific community, youth, in any country automatically generate the environment in which the staff for globalism is being recruited, via which networks are set, information is collected, influence centres are organized, transaction and solutions for the benefit of transnational corporations are lobbied, other strategic operations for establishing the global domination of the global oligarchy are conducted.
That’s why, the main impact of the revolution should be on the liberals in all their expressions – as representatives of the ideological, political, economic, philosophical, cultural, strategic, technological direction. Liberals are the shell, under which the global oligarchy is hidden. Any strike on liberalism and liberals, has a big chance to affect sensitive parts of global oligarchy, its vital organs. Total fight against liberalism and liberals is the main ideological vector of global revolution. The revolution must be of rigidly anti-liberal character, because exactly liberalism is a concentrated knot of evil. Any other political ideology can be considered as a possible alternative, and there are no restrictions. The only exception is liberalism, which must be destroyed, crushed, overthrown, obsolete.