Part 1. Situation of the end

Global Revolutionary Alliance
(program, principles, strategy)
Dissatisfied all over the world, unite!
Part 1. Situation of the end.

  1. We live at the end of the historical cycle. All processes that constitute the sense of history, came to a logical impasse.
  1. The end of capitalism. Development of capitalism has reached its natural limit. There is only one thing left for the world economic system – to collapse into the abyss. Based on a progressive increase of purely financial institutions, first banks, and then more complex and sophisticated stock structures, the system of modern capitalism completely divorced from reality, from the balance of supply and demand, from production and consumption ratio, from connection with a real life. All the wealth of the world got in the hands of the world’s financial oligarchy by complicated manipulations with building financial pyramids. This oligarchy devalued not only the labor, but also the capital connected to the market fundamental, secured a financial rent, and all other economic forces got in bondage to this impersonal transnational ultraliberal elite. Regardless of how we feel about capitalism, it is clear now, that it is not just going through another crisis, but stands on the verge of total collapse of entire system.

No matter how global oligarchy tries to conceal the ongoing collapse from masses of the world’s population, more and more people begin to suspect that this is inevitable, and that the global financial crisis, caused by the collapse of U.S. mortgage market and major banks is only beginning of a global catastrophe.
This catastrophe can be delayed, but it cannot be prevented or avoided. The world economy, in the form in which it operates now is doomed.

  1. The end of resources. In the current demographic situation, taking into account the steady growth of world population (especially in Third World countries), humanity has come close to exhaust of natural resources, necessary not just to maintain current consumption levels, but for simple survival at minimal level. Growth limits are reached, and global hunger, deprivation, epidemics, death are on the agenda. This planet can no longer maintain the living of such number of people. Hence, we face the imminent demographic catastrophe. The more are born today, the more will have to be exterminated tomorrow. This dilemma has no solution. But to pretend that it doesn’t exist is to prepare the worst scenario of world massacre for resources and extermination of much of mankind by own hands.
  2. The end of society. Under the influence of Western and American standards fragmentation of societies into atomic units, non-linked with each other by any bonds is in full swing. Cosmopolitanism and new nomadism become most common style of life, especially for the younger generation. This provokes unprecedented migration flows, which destroy those societies, whose members are removed from the scene, as well as those ones, where migrants fall. Cultural, national, social and religious ties become broken, codes become cracked, organic contacts collapse. We live in a world f lonely crowds, atomic sputtering society, which is no longer something solid. Cosmopolitan loneliness becomes the norm, and explodes the cultural identity of people from inside. In the place of societies comes nomadism and the web, that dissolve organic historical collectives. At the same time disappear culture, language, morality, tradition, values and family.
  3. The end of individual. Division of individual into its components becomes the dominant trend. Human personality scatters across the network, nicknames and separate impulses, turning into a game set of disorganized elements. One loses his integrity, he is given more freedoms, but at the cost of someone, who can take advantage of those. Postmodern culture compulsively moves people to virtual worlds of flat screens, removes them from reality, captures by the flow of subtly organized and cleverly manipulated hallucinations. And these processes are managed by the global oligarchy, that seeks to make world masses controllable and programmable. Never before individualism was glorified so much, and never before people all over the world were so similar to each other in their behavior, habits, appearance, techniques and tastes. In pursuit for the human rights human was lost somewhere himself. Soon he will be replaced with a posthuman: a mutant, a product of cloning, a biorobot, a replicant, a cyborg.
  4. The end of nations and peoples. The global world consistently destroys any national identity, one after another destroys sovereign states, increasingly interferes in internal affairs of other countries. Global oligarchy seeks to overturn any national barriers, impeding to its ubiquitous presence. Transnational corporations try to put their interests above national interests and state administrations, which leads to a dependence on external systems and loss of independence. This way instead of the manifold of independent states forms the structure of world government, based on the global financial oligarchy. Western countries and monopolies become the core of this global government, in which gradually integrate the economic and partly political elite of other, non-Western countries.  Thus parts of the national elites become accomplices of globalization and betray interests of their citizens - peoples and states.
  5. The end of knowledge. Global Media created a system of total disinformation, organized in accordance with the interests of the global oligarchy. Only that, which is reported by the global media, is considered to be "reality". And that, how one or another event or phenomenon is reported about, is being automatically accepted by the global community as a "self-evident truth” (Conventional Wisdom). Alternative views, although may spread in the network segments of interactive communication systems, remain on the periphery, because financial support is provided for only  those feeds, that serve the interests of global oligarchy. When critical opinions reach the threshold and become dangerous,  there are being used classical instruments of repression - financial pressure, understatement, demonization, legal and physical harassment. In such a society, the whole system of knowledge becomes an object of a global moderation by the global elite.
  6. The end of progress. Last centuries, humanity has lived by faith in progress and hope for a better future. A promise of that was seen in development of technique, accumulation of knowledge and scientific discoveries, in growth of humanism and social justice. Progress seemed to be guaranteed and self-evident. In the XXI century this belief is shared by only a naive one  or those, who deliberately turn a blind eye to the reality (for a certain bribe or privileges). Belief in progress is refuted by the whole course of things. Our world is not getting better, but on the contrary, is rapidly degraded, or, at least, remains just as cruel, cynical and unfair as before. The discovery of this fact leads to the collapse of the humanistic worldview. The double standard of the Western world, under catchy slogans of which about human rights and freedom, today only  blind one will not see the egoistic will to colonize and control, becomes commonness. Progress is not only not guaranteed, but unlikely. If things are going to continue to develop as they are developed today, most pessimistic, catastrophic and apocalyptic prognoses will become actual.

2. In general, we are dealing with the end of a vast historical cycle, which basic parameters are exhausted, upset, and expectations associated with it deceived, and crossed out. The end of the world does not come, it unfolds before our eyes, and we are its observers and participants. Will it become the end of modern civilization or the end of mankind, no one can predict.  But the scale of the disaster is such that we can not exclude that agonizing global Western-centric world will carry off to the abyss all others.  The situation becomes even more dramatic by the fact that under the current situation and the existing organization of the world's global power of transnational oligarchy, all catastrophic processes can not continue (the threshold is reached), nor stop (the force of inertia is too high), nor change the course (the rate of major trends doesn’t allow to make an abrupt maneuver to change trajectory).
3. The current situation is intolerable, not only as it is, but where it goes by itself. Today – a catastrophe, tomorrow - assured death. The future was stolen from the Mankind. But the man differs from animals by having a historical horizon. And even if at a given moment one doesn’t feel all the exigencies of the situation, his knowledge of the past and foresight of constructed future reproduce to him optimistic or ominous perspectives. Seeing where we were yesterday, and where are we going now, we can not misjudge this path as of evil, threat, challenge, attack. Only those who are deprived of historical thought, by turning them in ever-entertaining consumers by aggressive flow of advertising and disinformation, who are cut off from education and cultural codes translation, can ignore the horror of the actual situation. Only brute or consuming mechanism, biorobot, can not recognize that we live in a field of global catastrophe.
4. Those who have saved at least a grain of independent and free  intellect can’t help but wonder: what is the reason of the existing situation? What are the origins and triggers of the disaster?  It is now clear that they should look into excessive keenness of western civilization on technical development, individualism, the pursuit of freedom at any cost, materialism, egoism, the cult of money and the whole of bourgeois-capitalist liberal ideology, as well as in Western societies’ racist belief that this course is universal, the best, and obligatory for the rest of the world. If at first this passion gave positive results, engendered dynamics, opened up possibilities of humanism, extended the zone of freedom, improved people’s situation, opened new perspectives to them, then after reaching its limit the same trends began producing the opposite results: the technique turned from an instrument into a self-sufficient principle (the prospect of machines revolt); individualism carried to extremes, deprived one of his nature, freedom lost its subject, idolatry of matter led to spiritual degradation, egoism destroyed society, the absolute power of money forced out not the labour only, but also the entrepreneurial spirit of capitalism; liberal ideology destroyed any form of social, cultural or religious solidarity. And if in the Western countries that grew out of the logic of their historical development, then in other parts of the world, the same principles were imposed by force, by colonial and imperialist practices, without taking into account the specifics of local cultures. The West, having embarked on this path in the modern era, not only brought itself to a lamentable ending, but also caused irreparable damage to all other nations of the earth. It has become global and universal, thus no one can simply avoid it or isolate from it. Something can be changed only by uprooting the entire spectrum of catastrophic phenomena. And, despite the fact that in non-Western societies, the situation is somewhat different, simply ignoring the challenge of the West can not change anything. The roots of evil are too deep. They should be clearly understood, comprehended, identified and put in the spotlight. It is unable to fight consequences without understanding the reasons.
5. There are reasons for current disastrous situation, and likewise there are those, who are interested in it, who wants it to last, who retrieves the benefit, profit, who profits from it, who's responsible for it – who supports it,  strengthens it, protects and guards it, as well as prevents it from changing its course of consecution and deployment. This is a worldwide global oligarchy, which includes political, financial, economic, military-strategic core of the world's elite (mostly Western), and a broad network of intellectuals serving it, executives, media moguls, forming a loyal oligarchical entourage of globalists. Taken together, the global oligarchy and its attendants are the ruling class of globalism. It includes political leaders of the United States, ones of the largest countries of NATO, economic and financial moguls, and agents of globalization who serve them, that make up the gigantic planetary network, in which resources are allocated to those ones, who are loyal to the main course of global processes, as well as flows of informational manipulation, political, cultural, intellectual and ideological lobbying, data collection, infiltration into the structures of national states, still not fully deprived of sovereignty, as well as outright corruption, bribery, influence, campaigns of harassment of unwanted, etc. This globalist network consists of multiple floors, including both political and diplomatic missions, as well as multinational corporations and its management, media network, global trade, and industrial consuming structures, non-governmental organizations and funds, and so on. The catastrophe, in which we are, and which comes to its acme, has a man-made nature - there are forces, that are interested in everything to be just as it is no way else. Those are architects and managers of global ego-centric hyper-capitalistic world. They are responsible for everything. Global oligarchy and its agents network is the root of evil. Evil is personified in the global political class. The world is as it is because someone wants it to be like this, and puts much effort for it. This will is the quintessence of the historical evil. But if this is true, and someone is responsible for present situation, then the opposition and disagreement with the status quo obtains its addressee. Global oligarchy becomes in a position of the enemy of all mankind. And it is the enemy. And further, the very presence of the enemy gives a chance to defeat him, that means a chance for salvation, and to overcome the catastrophe.