Obama committing war crimes: US Analyst

A political analyst tells Press TV that US President Barack Obama is committing war crimes by defending his administration's use of drones in a number of countries.

In a major policy speech at Washington's National Defense University on May 23, President Obama defended his policy of using drones, saying it was aimed at protecting the American nation against terrorists.

Scott Rickard said in an interview with Press TV that attacking other countries with drones was “an international war crime.”

“Obama is once again proving to speak through the size of his mouth. He has obviously committed war crimes as the president of the United States throughout the Middle East and across Africa,” he said.

He added that the West, spearheaded by the US, wages wars through their mercenaries in countries like Libya and then they launch their attacks on the war-ravaged countries under the pretext of fighting against militants.

“On one point they are recruiting mercenaries to attack Libya and Syria and on the other point they are saying they are fighting mercenaries because those countries cannot control it,” he said.

The commentator said the US would not stop launching drone attacks as the military business was highly lucrative.

”There is a lot of money being made every time a drone flies and every time a drone drops. There is a lot of money being made every time somebody shoots the cruise missile ... Boeing is a very profitable company in the United States and they have hundreds and hundreds of lobbyists,” he stressed.

He described the military industry as “a killing machine business” which contributed to the imperialist policies of major powers.

“It is a business and it is a horrific business, it is a killing machine business and it is highly imperialist,” he noted.

The US has employed drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen to launch aerial bombings.

Washington claims the airstrikes target militants, though most such attacks have resulted in civilian casualties.