Global Revolutionary Alliance AGAINST North American hegemony

Global Revolutionary Alliance
North American hegemony
In order to create the multipolar world order we need strong consolidation of all antiglobalist forces into the united political front. This front should be necessarily international one. The Creation of Global Revolutionary Alliance in 2011 was caused by the necessity to react against "the unipolar moment» and the implicit planetary dictatorship of the liberalism and a globalism. It was conceived in order to propose alternative.
We look for cooperation with people and the organizations who  understand realistically the threat which proceeds from imperialistic policy of US and who are are ready to join us in opposition North American ideological, political, strategic and economic hegemony.
struggles against
the globalization and the unipolar project,
the strategic control of the United States and Western hegemony over the planet,
the Capitalism, free trade imperialism and the market society,
the atlanticist geopolitics.
the creation of a multipolar world (as a fundamental geopolitical issue),
the strategic alliances with all political forces who share our principles (anti-globalization, anti-liberalism, anti-capitalism),
the immediate dissolution of NATO,
the preservation of the sovereignty of states,
the dialogue of cultures, traditions, religions and ethnoses.
The North American hegemony led to that the USA assumed the right to define the concept and to impose structure of new international law and an order, denying possibility of pluralism and real democracy. It means establishment of global dictatorship of the West that automatically induces the loss of natural historic  identity (cultural, religious, civilizational etc.) and violent imposition of the uniform template which is not reckoning with traditions and values of no-western societies.
Today, everyone has to realize the need for an alternative project to globalism. Thus one of the biggest challenges for us is to look for an answer to the question: How can we avoid the fate of previous alternatives.
There were two fundamentally important political doctrines of the 20th century - communism and national socialism. Both doctrines were defeated by liberalism.  The collapse of communism marked the beginning of the "unipolar moment" phase.
We must understand the main mistakes of the previous political theories and come to the formation of a completely new strategy of confrontation, adapted to our new conditions and challenges. The Liberal-Democratic chimera has led to a massive loss of political vision: the  political sphere, having lost its essence has become severely ignored (Carl Schmitt considered as a political criteria - the division between friend and enemy). Politics has become a "safe show", but we can be sure that it comes to an end.  After the Second World War, there had developed the bipolar model in the world, where there were just two hegemons, namely the USSR and the USA. After the collapse of the first, the USSR, it has changed to a unipolar model, which meant the triumph of the liberal-democratic ideology. Following this, the West has begun to create a system of values and guidelines, that have been universaly imposed on the world, thus achieving absolute control (dictatorship) of cognitive and strategic spheres. The political began to lose its meaning, because the concept of "enemy" in the system of the new world order has been replaced by the concept of "competitor", politics has given way to economics. The  initial definition ("friend-enemy"), which lies at the foundation of the definition of the "political" was taken away. However, the epithet, that we use relating to the triumph of liberalism – is "premature", This is explained by the fact, that the initial definition is indestructible.
The current political situation makes it clear that many political actors - from small political entities within the state, and the states themselves - stand against U.S. hegemony and challenge the West, upholding principles of another world order, namely the multi-polar world order. For a long time, the U.S. could not imagine the emergence of another potential political actor with equal strength, able to stand in open confrontation with them. But soon the emergence of the theory of a multipolar world, as well as the acquisition of effective instruments for implementation of the new model of the world order will be seen by our political opponents as a real historical challenge.
Today, the political dimension has lost its telos, it's purpose. After the Second World War no serious political alternative to liberal globalism were created. Any attempt to build an anti-liberal doctrine on the ruins of defeated ideologies inevitably turned into failure, the sphere where political laws no longer apply, because the  so-called politics were pseudo-politics.
As part of today's post-modern paradigm the figure of the "political soldier" is unthinkable. For its occurrence it is necessary for a restoration of the Political, what is impossible without its constitutive dichotomy of friend-enemy. This brings us to the idea of not just defining all the "pros" and "cons", but coming to the formulation of all political intuitions in a systematic exposition of  doctrine.
Our opposition to the globalist wave and unipolar project can be effective only with the consolidation of strategic allies in a single political and social ideological front. Global Revolutionary Alliance – is this international network, that openly challenges our ideological opponents:  the supporters of liberal-globalism and American hegemony. The alliance was founded in 2011. Creation of the multipolar world is for the GRA no more, no less than our geopolitical task.
Our political intent can be expressed in the following thesis: the liberal-globalist discourse must cease to be dominant.
The political and analytical program, which not only highlights current world events, but, first and foremost, is an information weapon against liberal globalism.. It is ruthless fight against the misinformation spread by world mass media, being under rigid strategic control of globalists forces. The program leaves on two languages: English and Russian.
One of the issues of the program was devoted GRANews Muammar Gaddafi.
The program in a format of videoconferences on topical issues of geopolitics. Means bilateral cooperation, namely dialogue with political analysts - representatives of two countries one of which is Russia.