The Fourth Political Theory. An interview with Alexander Lloyd Curran

Natella Speranskaya: How did you discover the Fourth Political Theory? And how would you evaluate its chances of becoming a major ideology of the 21st century?
Alexander Lloyd Curran: I discovered the Fourth Political Theory through a dear companion of many years whom we have discussed philosophical and political matters.  This person has remained with me for many years even through dark or desperate times.
Some books change our life:  The fourth political theory is one such example.
 In my humble opinion upon evaluation I already see this major ideology taking root and precedent in the hearts and minds of our spiritual warriors who are standing against oppression.  We do not want to be slaves in western and eastern spheres from the negatively defined liberal hegemony stemming regarding such countries which support terrorism.  This has been a problem for decades. 
The current situation has been made clear by the fourth political theory and many of us are reaching out for the historic future in the spirit of Dugin and Eurasia.
Natella Speranskaya: Leo Strauss when commenting on the fundamental work of Carl Schmitt The Concept of the Political notes that despite all radical critique of liberalism incorporated in it Schmitt does not follow it through since his critique remains within the scope of liberalism”. “His anti-Liberal tendencies, – claims Strauss, - remain constrained by “systematics of liberal thought” that has not been overcome so far, which – as Schmitt himself admits – “despite all failures cannot be substituted by any other system in today’s Europe. What would you identify as a solution to the problem of overcoming the liberal discourse? Could you consider the Fourth Political Theory by Alexander Dugin to be such a solution? The theory that is beyond the three major ideologies of the 20th century – Liberalism, Communism and Fascism, and that is against the Liberal doctrine.
Alexander Lloyd Curran: Contradictions and extremes exist.  In an Evolian manner one could say we need to grasp the essence of Neitsche or Mishima but also the rational, disciplined manner of Heidegger, Evola, Dugin, Alain De Benoist.  Our people otherwise have the risk of digressing upon a path where we become totally psychopathic, nihilistic, liberally tainted or anarchistic.  This is not our way.  Our way has the common enemy of Liberal doctrine:  So traditional spiritual warriors with imagination and a fighting spirit are the beginning towards the correct form towards the beings desire.  We are people of the light and any such shadows are also created by us.  They need to be watched and controlled in case they become dangerous.  The enemy is one problem and this is another.  When previous allies are blinded by self glorification or radical selfish egotistical meandering they divert down a dark road.
Natella Speranskaya: Do you agree that today there are “two Europes”: the one – the liberal one (incorporating the idea of “open society”, human rights, registration of same-sex marriages, etc.) and the other Europe (“a different Europe”) – politically engaged, thinker, intellectual, spiritual, the one that considers the status quo and domination of liberal discourse as a real disaster and the betrayal of the European tradition. How would you evaluate chances of victory of a “different Europe” over the ”first” one?
Alexander Lloyd Curran: I agree.  I view this as... Unnatural.  Artificial.  Everything I'm against.  Victory is assured because we few who know truth about traditions, culture, social justice have seen the decadent ways of the main populations.  They can be summed up as destructive and part of the problem.  They add fuel to the fire and decay.  We will constantly oppose this evil.  This bohemian undisciplined ''way of life.''  We do not want it and will always fight such evil.
Natella Speranskaya: “There is nothing more tragic than a failure to understand the historical moment we are currently going through; - notes Alain de Benoist – this is the moment of postmodern globalization”. The French philosopher emphasizes the significance of the issue of a new Nomos of the Earth or a way of establishing international relations. What do you think the fourth Nomos will be like? Would you agree that the new Nomos is going to be Eurasian and multipolar (transition from universum to pluriversum)?
Alexander Lloyd Curran: I agree it is going to be Eurasian and multipolar.  It will restore plus maintain the rightful and pure meaning  regarding iindividualism.    The total opposite of the materialistic, selfish, disconnected examples we see today from the main populace who care only about lining their own pockets. 
They fail to realise we are part of something greater than ourselves.
Natella Speranskaya: Do you agree that the era of the white European human race has ended, and the future will be predetermined by Asian cultures and societies?
Alexander Lloyd Curran: This is a complex situation.  When some think in terms of ''races'' or ''peoples'' certain spiritual warriors adapt to the situation to maintain our physical and metaphysical survival, in essence our legacy.  The European and Asian cultures will survive and continue.  Eurasia and her allies will see to that and constantly battle towards that.
Natella Speranskaya: Do you consider Russia to be a part of Europe or do you accept the view that Russia and Europe represent two different civilizations?
Alexander Lloyd Curran: Russia connects Asia and Europe.  Russia represents a powerful potent power in the world.  Many Countries underestimate her.  Russia and Europe represent unique diverse civilsations when anyone takes the time to look deeper.
Natella Speranskaya: Contemporary ideologies are based on the principle of secularity. Would you predict the return of religion, the return of sacrality? If so, in what form? Do you consider it to be Islam, Christianity, Paganism or any other forms of religion?
Alexander Lloyd Curran: Religion is a spiritual defensive sword.  All the Religions are necessary to maintain and sustain our countries.  A few of us wish to see an Islamic Republic of Africa or an Islamic Republic of Pakistan for example which unites the country/countries instead of them remaining divided and seemingly lost.  Islam when interpreted correctly shines for education, progress, agriculture, military, scientific advancement.  When followed correctly in a disciplined pious manner.
The other forms of Religions are also the same.  They are shining lights for our spiritual warriors where our higher task meets the earthly one.
I not only see a return but I forsee these being maintained forever. This is the historic future (spiritual defensive sword/the wheel/natural laws) that preserves our cultures, traditions and community.  It is only natural.  God willing.