The final chord of the Apocalypse sounds

The final chord of the Apocalypse sounds

"At the end of time a man from my progeny will be born, his name will be my name and his middle name will be my as my middle name. He will fill the earth with justice and harmony, and his name will be the Mahdi

Muhammad Qa'im will be one of us. He will install terror and fear in the hearts of his enemies. With the help of Allah, He will establish justice and order.

Under his leadership, the earth will unveil itself, so that all hidden treasures will be brought into the light. His empire will unite East and West. Allah will place the true religion into the hands of the Mahdi — conquering. One and all.

So tell us the sacred texts of Muslims.

Today we are approaching the arrival of the Mahdi. It is said about him that his coming will take place in the time when Dajjal will reveal himself. Who is Dajjal? He is identified by the highest Muslim authorities with the West in general, with globalization, liberalism, and American hegemony. Its manifestation can be seen as well in the racist State of Israel and NATO forces.

Islamic hadiths affirm that the Mahdi will fight against the Dajjal. He will fight against the West. In this battle he will fight alongside Christ and the Christian peoples of Ar-Rum, These real Christians are the Orthodox Christian faith. Moscow is the Third Rome. This Third Rome is to be the ally of Muslims in the End time. The liberal globalist American Dajjal is the foe.

And here is where it gets interesting: the coming of Jesus Christ as the Muslims believe will happen precisely in Syria, in the Umayyad Mosque.

Jesus will appear on one of its towers.

The hair of Christ will be wet with the sacred сhrism.

In order that no drop of it should ever touch the ground every day the Imam of Damascus places a sacred rug under the tower.

In the same Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, there is the tomb of Imam Hussein, the son of Imam Ali, a sacred figure for all Muslims and especially Shi'ites.

At the same mosque rests the head of John the Baptist, cut off by order of king Herod, in response to the dance of Herodias.

The Dajjal Western forces are now close to Damascus, where is the sacred mountain Kasyun, where it is said that Cain killed Abel in the cave called «first blood».

It is an unmistakable sign of Armageddon.

U.S. forces and the pro-Western Wahhabi heretics are raging against the great shrine of the Islamic world - against Damascus, against the sacred towers of the Umayyad Mosque. It seems they are trying to prevent Second Coming. They struggle furiously against the Mahdi and his loyal warriors.

When will it happen? You might ask?

Right now. Before our eyes.

Welcome to the End of the World.

Damascus is in flames.

Dajjal forces are already in the suburbs.

Washington recently anointed the sectarian extremists and terrorists as the sole “ legitimate government of Syria”.

The Masks have fallen - the final chord of the Apocalypse sounds.

Syria was a flourishing paradise. A beautiful land where dwelled in peace together Muslims, Christians, and other peoples and religions. You are in fire now.

Tortured, violated, slain, torn apart…