Eurasian Artists Association: The IVth Revolution!

Statement from The Eurasian Artists Association (EAA):

The Eurasian Artists Association (EAA) includes artists of all arts who support the Eurasian idea of Alexander Dugin, especially the aspect of struggle for culture and tradition and against modernism and globalism.
The EAA recently decided to work on a joint project, under the name „The Eurasian Artists Association presents: The IVth revolution“. It shall contain a book, a CD and a DVD to introduce itself and the associated artists to a broader public. Almost all EAA-members already agreed to support the project with their works, most of them exclusively for this release.

1.) The book will contain short stories, essays and/or poems by Boris Nad (Eurasianist writer from Serbia), David Beetschen (poet from Switzerland), Sergio Fritz Roa (traditionalist spiritual writer from Chile), James Porrazzo (of Open Revolt) and Irene Caesar (Russian philosopher and avantgarde artist) as well as graphic arts by the famous painter Alexey Guintovt (Russia), Hermann Bickler (from the band Puanteur de Charnier, France), Bernd Volkhardt (Germany) and the already mentioned Sergio Fritz Roa and Irene Caesar. One part will give a short introduction to the musical acts featured on the CD.
2.) The CD includes almost all musicians of the EAA: Barbarossa Umtrunk (French Martial), Betelgeuse (Alternative project by Alexander Dugin), Dasein May Refuse (Avantgarde Electro by Dari Dougina), Death Aesthetic (Neofolk from the US), Front Sonore (French Noise/Electro), Hoplites (Greek martial Ambient), La Derniere Attaque (Martial Ambient, Mexico), Le Cose Bianche (Noise from Italy), Mizar (Macedonian Dark Wave legend) Nevod (Martial Ambient/Usbekistan), Porta Vittoria (Italian Mediterranean Pop), Puanteur de Charnier (French Electro), Sonnenkind (German folk singer), Stirner (Dutch Noise), Suveräna (Spanish Martial), TSIDMZ (Martial Industrial, Italy), Valerio Orlandini (Dark Ambient from Italy), Vir Martialis (Martial from Argentinia)
3.) The DVD will contain music videos of some of the projects featured on the CD, a great presentation by Irene Caesar, and a video by Alexey Guintovt.
Further artists will probably take part, but we mentioned only those who gave as a clear confirmation until now.