Bernard-Henri Levy: criminal philosopher

Bernard-Henri Levy: criminal philosopher

The Arab Spring began in Tunisia and then spread to Egypt.

Prior to this, they were ruled by dictators quite subservient to the West, but this was still not enough for the Hegemony,

They still clung to tattered fragments of national sovereignty and stability.

The West has chosen to open Pandora's box.

It has made a bid for its old ally - Wahhabi fundamentalism.

These forces have always helped the U.S. to achieve their core interests in the Islamic world – undermining and routing all the tendencies that might be hostile to the U.S.

This was the case in Afghanistan in the 1980’s, when the American geopolitician and ideologue Zbigniew Brzezinski personally tutored Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Pro-American regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the nest of Wahhabist terrorism are now playing the role of regional sub-imperialist proxies. The Wahhabis did the dirty work for the US in Tunisia and Egypt. And the most loathsome service was done in Libya with Qaddafi horrifically murdered.

Wahhabi mercenaries under the protection of the direct intervention of NATO have overthrown the Libyan government and the heroic anti-imperialist colonel was taken from us all.

But it is true, immanent justice exists.

One moment we are seeing Qaddafi tortured and killed.

But in the next, we see the Ambassador and CIA chief of the US in Syria, Chris Stevens in the same position – raped, tortured and killed by the same Wahhabi that have murdered Qaddafi and that Stevens had himself helped overthrow the government..

A perfect karmic circle: destiny has found the guilty. But the correspondences don't end here.

In another photo we can see three figures intimately connected with the Arab Spring.

Bernard Henri Levy – a French Zionist activist and so-called philosopher, an advisor to Sarkozy and proponent of Western intervention in all cases where the interests of Israel are endangered by the Islamic awakening. He knows his job very well: while being radically against Palestinians he at the same time supports Wahhabis and Islamic fundamentalists everywhere they serve the West and act as US proxies.

In the photo he cordially converses with Christopher Stevens on the eve of the overthrowing of Qaddafi. Both men are radical supporters of the Arab Spring and are deeply involved in the media strategy that propagandizes for the radical Sunnis, as well as supplying them with money, arms, and political support

Now –  there is one scum less. The second one awaits his turn. But who is the third?

It is really amazing. He is Gille Hertzog, the producer of the Anti-Islamic American film, the Innocence of Muslims. So two supporters of radical fundamentalist Islam – one an American CIA agent, the other a French anti-Palestinian Zionist in friendly discussion with the producer of an Islamophobic film. Very, very strange… But the most incredible and ironic part of the story is that the pretext for the killing of Christopher Stevens: was precisely the same film the Innocence of Muslims made in the USA and sponsored by Gille Hertzog.

There is a symbolic map of the Arab spring: The CIA, Zionists, Islamophobes use the Sunni fundamentalists via Saudi Arabia and Qatar in order to prevent a real Islamic awakening,  in which the whole Islamic world strategy would rightly  rise up against the USA and the racist Israeli regime.

That is the real face of the Dajjal.

Where is Bernard Henri Levy now? He is in Syria supporting the enemies of Bashar Assad, consolidating European opinion against the Assad government even as he preaches against Iran, Russia, and China. This vermin still lives and scuttles about doing his dirty work.

The other traitor to Islamic solidarity in the Arab spring is Turkey.

Prime Minister Rejip Erdogan once again, as during the Cold War, returned Turkey to a slavish pro-American Atlanticist foreign policy in the region. This is now apparent. At the order of the CIA he launched the Ergenekon case, destroying the military group of Kemalist Eurasianist politicians who wanted to save and reaffirm the freedom and independence of the Turkish Republic in a new multipolar world.                             

In the designs of the USA and Israel the next and ultimate target of their false Arab Spring is Iran, the main opponent of the U.S. in the Islamic world, which continues waging an uncompromising war against American hegemony.

But Syria stands in the way to an invasion of Iran…

Syria is a free and independent country, which refuses to play the American game, firmly maintaining friendly relations with Iran, and also a close strategic partner of Russia in the Middle East.

That is the secret of the Arab Spring - it is nothing more than imperialist manipulation for USA unipolar imperialism and Zionist interests. The radical Islamists are nothing more than manipulated puppets. There is no ‘Spring’ and its roots are not Arab…

That is the war against the friends of the Faith led by the enemies of God.