Alexandre Latsa

 Born in 1977 in the south west of France but lived all my life abroad, in Africa  (Congo) where I went to the French school. After graduating from high school in 1995, returned to France to study law (bachelor).
In 1999, the war against Serbia started and actively supported the French collective "no to war" (CNG). Took part in the creation of a private  humanitarian NGO that carried out humanitarian actions to the North of Serbia, including working with an orphanage. Took this opportunity to learn Serbian. I then spent my following summers between Serbia and the Bosnian Republic of Bosnia. Serbia was my first realization towards Russia.
Then worked several years for a French subsidiary of a large international group (mainly between France, Italy and China). This experience strengthened my idea that the world is growing strongly beside the Western World and that Europe has to be united to be able to face the big challenges of this century (chaotic and violent globalization, massive climatic migrations, transnationals mafias, widespread terrorism, border changes, appearance / disappearance of states, global economic war ..).
In 2008 moved to Russia by personal choice. Russia appeared (and it still is the case today) as a major European country, as the centerpiece to any European project. Convinced that this countrywill play a major role in this century, and will be the heart of continental Europe. Politically speaking a European and a supporter of the Paris-Berlin-Moscow Axis. Convinced continentalist. Orthodox Christian.
Struck by the gap between the reality of the Russia I live in, and what I regularly read in the French media about Russia, I decided to develop the blog Dissonance, intending to provide with another understanding of Russia that would be as close as can be from the reality. The blog deals with nowadays' Russia, geopolitical topics, or other topics such as demography and migrations in the country. As opposed to what I read about myself, I would like to underline that I run my blog alone.
Today I also work as a chronicler for the Federal News Agency Ria Novosti. I also collaborate with IRIS which is one of the main french Think-tank.
I am also a collaborator of the Italian Institute Eurasia-Rivista. Sometimes, I participate to the writing of some other
Please feel welcome to Google me in order to know some more about myself.